Instagram Inspirations for the Apartment Industry

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available and with more than 77 million active users in the United States, it’s a tool you should seriously consider using for your properties.


Introduction to Instagram

Unlike its competitors (Facebook and Twitter), Instagram focuses solely on visual mediums. Leaders in the multifamily and student housing industry take advantage of Instagram’s tools to showcase their properties through photos and videos. 

Plus, with the recent addition of Instagram Stories, the Snapchat-like feature that lets users share ephemeral clips and pics and stay at the top of followers’ feeds, the platform is becoming even more of a marketing staple by giving users new ways to connect with their followers.

Whether you’re just getting started on Instagram or have a well-established following, here are ideas for engaging posts to share on your property’s account.

Instagram Post Ideas for Multifamily Apartments & Student Housing

Coming up with creative posts for Instagram is as simple as opening your eyes to the possibilities in your own building. Whether it’s featuring happy residents or sharing photos of local eats, we encourage you to get creative and use your greatest asset - your property. 


1.   Amenities & Common Areas

Do you pride yourself on offering up great amenities for your residents? How about a happening common area? Instagram is the best place to showcase these features from inside your property.

For example, snap a photo of the pool during a party and add a fun caption to really showcase the spirit of your building.

2.   Specials

If you’re offering up a move-in special, create a fun post using a program like Canva to capture your audience's attention. Also, when you turn your Instagram account into a business page, you can promote images and add call to actions, such as “Learn More.”

These CTAs lead users directly to a landing page that has more information about your special, which will ultimately create more leads for your business.

3.   Lifestyle

Culture is everything, especially for millennials and students. Capture moments via Boomerangs (quick, fun videos) and colorful photos that show off your building’s lifestyle.

For example, if your property has a relaxed aura, capture images that represent peace and zen-filled moments. You can even post quotes that highlight the feeling of your building. The goal is to show a true representation of the property's lifestyle through creative images and videos.

4.   Happy Residents

One of the best ways to draw positive attention to your brand is by featuring happy customers. Instagram is great because you can show off your residents through still images and videos.

Consider sharing short testimonial videos featuring tenants talking about their experience living in the building.

5.   Company Culture

Outside of sharing the culture inside your apartment, share posts featuring the culture within your office. If you have an awesome company culture among your staff, snap images and videos and share it.

Your social audience is interested in the operations from both sides. Trust us - they will love to see that the people behind the scenes enjoy the property as much as the residents.

6.   Meet the Team

When sharing photos and videos showcasing your company culture, make sure to introduce your Instagram audience to important members of the team. The people behind-the-scenes are so important and keep operations running smoothly.

For example, create meet the team posts and highlight a new member of your internal team each week! Share fun facts about them along with a photo of them doing their job. Both your residents and potential residents will love learning more about your team.

7.   Local Scene

One of the most important factors in a person’s decision to move is the neighborhood. If your property is surrounded by amazing nightlife, great restaurants, and exciting events - share it all on Instagram.

Snap images of a dish from the Thai restaurant that’s just one block from your property. Film a video of the street fair happening down the road. Feature plenty of posts showcasing the local environment to draw attention to the neighborhood to show residents what to expect when they move in.

8.   Amazing Views

I’ll take a room with a view, please. If your property has gorgeous views, start taking pictures! Instagram is the perfect tool to feature views from your building’s units.

Take a photo during a beautiful sunset. You can also shoot a timelapse video and show what the views look like from dawn to dusk!

9.   Event Videos

Remember to capture the moments during building events. Your property is a community and you want your social audience to see it in action.

For example, if you have a poker night, take a few still shots and videos and share them on your Instagram page. People will love to see that your residents get together and celebrate socially.

10.        Model Stories

Most multifamily and student housing apartments have various unit options. Instagram is a great source for sharing floor models, artistically. Share the inspiration behind your model options. Also, work with a graphic designer to create sketches of the layout to match your brand and image.

11.        Available Units

As we mentioned, Instagram is all about visuals. When you advertise an available unit, you likely take photos and feature those on a website or with a realtor. With Instagram, you can share photos and videos of available units right on your feed.

Consider shooting a quick video tour of the unit. Show off the best features of the apartment and keep it short and sweet. You can also promote these posts through your business account and drive leads to your building’s contact information so interested parties to learn more information.

12.        Furry Friends

There’s no denying that people love photos of cute animals. If you own a pet-friendly community, take advantage of everyone’s love for furry friends by sharing pictures of your resident pets!

For example, feature a dog every Wednesday and a cat every Thursday. Themed days do very well on social media, and as we mentioned, everyone loves a dog photo, or two!

To learn more about optimizing social media for your property, get in touch with the Social Kapture team today!