What is a converting event?

A converting event is any action on your website that can be tracked, such as someone clicking a button or visiting a specific page. Facebook pixels allow you to identify significant events in your leasing process and give them labels - like Lead or Completed Application - that reflect a visitor's action.

Why should I create converting events?

By adding converting events, you enable Facebook to assign a value to your ads by showing you the true return on your advertising budget. This also allows us to match these converting actions to the ads that we run for your community.

How do I create pixel events?

For each event you'd like to track, you'll need to place a snippet of code on your website. The code helps us recognize that someone has taken an action. There are two options for placing the code:

  • Track Event on Page Load: when a person is taken to a new page as a result of their action, such as when a thank you page appears after completing a guest card.

  • Track Event on Inline Action: to track dynamic page elements, like buttons, or form submissions where there isn’t a thank you page.

Events We Track

Lead Conversion - Social Kapture designates a Lead as someone who has visited the website and performed an action, such as starting an application or completing a guest card. In addition to your basic Facebook Pixel, the following code needs to be installed to track converting events on your website.

Lead code snippet:


fbq('track', 'Lead');




<button id="submitButton">Lead</button>

<script type="text/javascript">

$( '#$submitButton' ).click(function() {