Here’s What You Need to Know, and What it Means for Multifamily

As of February 2021, Google will phase out broad match modifier (BMM) in favor of phrase match, making it easier to reach relevant prospects and renters. What does this mean, and how does it impact your community’s campaigns?

Let’s break it down.

Understanding Google Keyword Matching

In Google Search campaigns there are three kinds of keyword matching: broad match, exact match, and phrase match. To demonstrate their differences, let’s say you’ve built a Google Search campaign targeting renters that want apartments in Odessa, TX. Your keyword for this search would be, “apartments in odessa tx”.

Broad Match = Bigger Reach

With broad match, searches match to terms that are related to the keyword. So “apartments in odessa tx” would also return search results for “apartments for rent”, “housing assistance in odessa tx”, and “apartment complexes near me”. To dial in further, broad match can include modifiers (indicated by a + sign) to indicate a word that must be included. For example, “apartments in +odessa tx” would only return results including “odessa”.

Exact Match = Precision Targeting

While broad match casts a wide net, exact match zeroes in on specific keywords. Using the example above “apartments in odessa tx” returns search results that match the keyword precisely.

Phrase Match = The Best of Both Worlds

Phrase match uses Google’s natural language processing technology to drive search results including and similar to the meaning of the keyword entered. With phrase match, “apartments in odessa tx” returns results for “furnished apartments in odessa tx” and “studio apartments odessa tx”.

What’s Changing, and Why?

As Google’s natural language processing improves, phrase match becomes more precise and returns more relevant search results. Google’s language processing capabilities have evolved significantly to better understand and match based on meaning and intent — including word order and variations of those words.

With this evolution in phrase match capabilities, the need for broad match modifiers (remember our +odessa example?) diminishes — which is exactly why Google is phasing it out.

What This Means for Multifamily Campaigns

As your digital advertising provider, we’re constantly evaluating your community’s keywords, ads, and campaign performance to deliver the best results. We examine and implement performance recommendations that drive the best quantity and quality of traffic to your website.

We do anticipate a short period of adjustment as Google’s system updates, but our keyword strategy is not heavily based on broad match modifiers. With phrase match as our primary vehicle, we’ll key in on higher volume search terms and phrases for your community — more accurately analyzing what a prospect is searching, and delivering results best matching that query.

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While broad match can drive more traffic in certain spaces, we focus on the intent behind the search. Our team employs a strategy that is designed to capture apartment seekers with the right ad at the right time to help drive your leasing efforts forward.

In 2021 and beyond, it’s critical that your community has a digital strategy that delivers. For more information on driving traffic, leads, and leases through Google Ads with Social Kapture, contact!.