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Heads Up! Changes to Daily Budgets on Meta Ads

There’s been a recent update to Meta's advertising platform that might affect your campaigns using daily budgets. Here’s a look into all the upcoming changes and some examples from our VP of Paid Advertising, Greg McCoy, to help break things down. 

What's the update?

Meta is rolling out a new feature that allows your campaigns to spend a bit more than the set daily budget – up to 75% extra – if it means potentially getting better results. The goal? To help your ads reach more people and boost performance.

“Under the current 25% potential overspend, if the budget is $16/day ($500/mo), then on a day that performance is high, that’s a potential of $4 overspend. But under the new 75% potential overspend, that can mean up to $12 of overspend.”  - Greg McCoy, VP of Paid Advertising

When is this happening?

This update is being slowly rolled out, with an expected launch to all accounts by the end of the year — likely around late summer — though Meta hasn't given a definitive date for a wider rollout. However, some Social Kapture-managed ad accounts have seen it in action since December.

What does it mean for your campaigns?

What to remember: With daily budgets, Meta might spend more on some days and less on others, as long as the total spend for the week stays within 7 times your daily limit. Since the ads can spend up to 75% more on any given day, clients may see periods of accelerated spend or periods of slow spending when the campaign is being adjusted. This means you could see some overspending in your daily budget on certain days, but budgets will be adjusted on other days to ensure your campaigns do not exceed your overall monthly budget.

What is Social Kapture doing? 

Social Kapture takes the worry out of managing ad spend. Our team meticulously monitors and optimizes your budget to maximize your campaign's reach and deliver the most traffic possible. We handle the pacing and ensure you never go over budget. 

Final Thoughts

Meta's update to daily budgets can be a double-edged sword: potentially reaching more people but with some risk of overspending on a given day. Don't let this new feature leave you scratching your head! At Social Kapture, we're experts at navigating the ever-changing world of digital advertising that provides results without pushing the pocket. Our Paid Ads specialists will ensure your campaigns leverage this update to its full potential, without any surprises on your bill. Schedule a call with us today to discuss how we can optimize your campaigns for the best results within your budget.


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