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Jeff on 10th Influencer Marketing Campaign


Jeff on 10th


Jeffersonville, IN


Reach Influencer Marketing Campaign


The team at Jeff on 10th partnered with Social Kapture to create an influencer campaign that would effectively showcase the community’s luxury lifestyle, amenities and units. They selected our Reach Influencer Marketing campaign as a standalone service and our team collaborated with a local influencer to curate authentic experiential content that would help the Jeff on 10th team reach their target goal.


Key Data Points

Top Performing Social Ad June 2023

Campaign Performance

Review Period

Post Date: September 6, 2023

Report Date: September 13, 2023

Reels Data

Plays: 18,566

Accounts Reached: 1,905

Likes: 1,358

Comments: 144

Saves: 64

Check out their Reel here.

Comment Highlights

"What a cozy place to live! Everything looks so inviting"
"I’d love to check them out!!!"
"Oh wow! Such a nice apartment from @thejeffon10th! So luxurious and I love the pool"

Stories Data

  • Average Views: 85 per story

  • Link + Profile Clicks: 37

Key Takeaway

The positive sentiment and large number of comments on the Reels content showed the effectiveness of the campaign in showcasing Jeff on 10th’s luxury community experience.

This campaign produced excellent results for the client as a standalone service on the organic side, reaching nearly 2,000 users with Reels content and driving 37 pieces of traffic in Stories.

For teams looking to elevate their in-house social strategy, our Influencer Marketing Campaigns are an effective standalone service to achieve a short-term boost in brand awareness, as well as a great add-on for existing clients during busy seasons and critical leasing periods.

Connect with our team to learn more about our Influencer Marketing Campaigns and find the option that’s right for your communities here.


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