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Behind The Scenes Of The New Wave Of Social Kapture

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Graphics by Diego A. Velazco

In striving to create an authentic identity through our brand, we looked to our deep roots in the Southern California coast for inspiration.

You may have noticed that we recently changed up our look at Social Kapture. This past May marked our 6th anniversary as a company. Since you know we love a celebration, we set out to refresh and refine our branding in a way that celebrates every facet of our business. In the same way we’ve helped our clients promote their unique brands in the digital space over the years, we wanted the look and feel of SK to reflect who we are, where we come from and where we’re headed next.

When we began our rebrand journey, it was important that we moved through every step with a clear purpose in mind, searching for the things that were true to us as well as the things that set us apart. From the connections we make and client service we provide to the content we create for our clients and the core values we practice within our own team, everything we do is with intention, so it only made sense that our rebrand would reflect that same philosophy.

In striving to create an authentic identity through our brand, we looked to our deep roots in the Southern California coast for inspiration. The elements, history, colors and atmosphere play a big role in our new look, influencing our new sunset-hued palette, free-flowing logos and icons, and breath-of-fresh-air aesthetic.

Our vibrant, buzzing West Coast locale offers unlimited inspiration to pull from, but we found our new shapes and shades in the lines and bold pops of color in iconic Googie architecture. For us, this style, which unwittingly represents both the past and the future simultaneously, reflects the lasting impression we hope to leave on every community we work with: a history of success with an innovative drive propelling us into what’s to come in the industry.

That same classic California feel comes alive in our iconography, effortlessly flowing together and evoking the laid-back attitude famously associated with the coast we call home, while also symbolizing the connections we make for our clients through creative strategic services.

These fluid lines can also be found in our reimagined logo. We borrowed from our past, using the foundations of our original logo, and then reshaped it in a new and creative way to represent our origins, values and growth with a wave that’s carrying us into this new era. It also serves as a nod to the ripple effect created through social media, continually changing the landscape of how we approach our business, and our daily lives, with every ebb and flow. This is a wave we will continue to ride as we move into this new chapter — and we hope you’ll all join us for what’s next!

There’s so much more to come at Social Kapture. Stay tuned into this space for more updates on our plans for 2023 and beyond.

Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to see from us in the next year — we’d love to hear from you!


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16 gen 2023

I don't see video or straight vertical samples?

Mi piace

09 set 2022

This looks amazing! So original!

Mi piace
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