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  • Jess Atkinson

Top 5 UGC Categories for Better Performance

In 2023, user-generated content plays a dominant role in the social media landscape, as users move away from heavily edited, hyper-curated content and toward more authentic, experiential social engagement. With 79% of consumers purchasing a product based on someone’s recommendation, user-generated content is a powerful tool to utilize in any marketing strategy.

So, what exactly is user-generated content and why is it so important? Let's take a closer look.

User-generated content, or UGC, is a form of content posted by users, such as residents or prospects, on social media platforms. Communities can seek permission to repost this content on their social media pages while providing credit to the original user. Not only does UGC showcase real experiences from local users but it adds a much higher level of authenticity and engagement to the community's page.

At Social Kapture, UGC is included in the organic social strategy we apply for our clients and has proved to be our top-performing type of content over the years. In our most recent data analysis, our local experts categorized all UGC content for three months and reviewed the reach, engagement rate per impression and overall engagement rate to find the most successful type of UGC. Based on this sample of data, Social Kapture saw a 25% increase in engagement and a 15% increase in reach with UGC compared to branded content.

But which categories ranked highest in these metrics? Our team took a closer look at each type of UGC that performed the best on our clients' pages — and the results might surprise you.

#5 - Pets

Who doesn't love a cute dog photo? From onsite dog parks to daily strolls around the neighborhood, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get a snap of their "pawfect" pets.

#4 - Points of Interest

Local Points of Interest are another great resource to pull quality UGC. This can include local attractions, historic landmarks, neighborhood dining and retail destinations.

#3 - City Vibes

With so many options for photo ops, cities offer an abundance of high-quality UGC. Whether it's local eateries and bars or scenic overlooks and rooftops, this type of content showcases all the local aspects residents love.

#2 - Onsite

Onsite UGC is a favorite amongst residents and prospects. Current residents can produce high-quality, authentic photos of your property while giving an inside look into the lifestyle offered there.

#1 - Art & Murals

Finally, our number one top-performing category is Art & Murals. These neighborhood hot spots are beloved by locals, tourists and businesses. With vibrant colors, fun slogans and recognizable local art, this category offers plenty of Instagrammable moments for your residents to take advantage of.

We anticipated that Pets, Points of Interest and Onsite photos would be some of our top-performing posts — with so many great options for us to choose from, a high engagement rate for those categories was expected. What surprised us was our two lowest volume categories had our highest results. Making up only 9% of our total UGC posts studied, City Vibes and Art & Murals received the highest engagement rates and engagement rates per impression.

Our team sources UGC from all corners of a community’s surrounding area. While focusing on these high-performing categories, communities can see a rise in engagement and interest on their social pages. Onsite teams can impact their community’s UGC strategy by encouraging residents to tag the community in onsite and local photos or by posting great onsite photos themselves!

Interested in learning more about User-Generated Content from the Social Kapture team? You can schedule an educational webinar for your team by clicking here!



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