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Why Google Business Profile Matters For Your Digital Strategy

The newest addition to our suite of enhancements is one you’ve probably heard of, but maybe haven’t been formally introduced to. Allow us to break down everything you need to know about Google Business Profile and how it can help you reach your leasing goals!

Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) is an easy and effective tool designed to increase your visibility online and help you make a great first impression with the prospects searching for your community. The tool’s interface lets you control your community’s listing information, engage with prospects and provide them with a more expansive look at what your community has to offer than your typical Google search result.

To help our partners get that extra boost in brand awareness and reach new prospects in search, we offer GBP as an enhancement to your social media management package.

If you’re new to GBP and unsure why you might need it to help market your community, the first place to start is understanding the benefits this tool offers.

  1. It puts your business on a global map

    • When prospects search apartments near your location, your Google Business Profile populates, showing your website, address, phone number and any other pertinent information to encourage clicks

2. It makes a strong first impression

  • Prospects can easily view your positive reviews, floorplans and posts of your community

  • Our monthly posts on your Google Business Profile deliver high-quality content and copy that will encourage prospects to take action

3. It improves your SEO effortlessly

  • We optimize your Google Business Profile so that it remains top of mind when prospects search for homes in your neighborhood


Based on our own data since we launched our GBP enhancement, we’ve seen these benefits in action with impressive ROI for our clients. Take the results we drove for The Larking, for example:

After 5 months with our Google Business Profile Enhancement

  • 13K+ business profile views

  • 4.2K+ business profile interactions

  • 262 calls made

  • 2K+ direction requests made

  • 1.8K+ website clicks

To put it in a broader, more global context, more than 63,000 searches are entered into Google per second on any given day and “near me” searches have doubled in 2022. With that many search opportunities and purchasing decisions to be made, it’s crucial to push your visibility in the places prospects are searching and grab their attention with content that stands out.

For our clients, that’s where our GBP enhancement comes in to round out a holistic digital marketing approach.

If you’re a current client and ready to add this enhancement to your social media management package, you can log into your Dashboard and sign up for it in just a few quick steps.

Want to learn more about our enhancements or have questions for our team? Connect with us at !


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