Promote Your Property With Facebook Live


As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook is pushing its latest feature, Facebook Live, hard. Whether it’s TV or banner ads, the network really wants users to take advantage of this cool, new feature.

It’s not just for individuals, either. Facebook Live benefits businesses and gives companies tools to directly interact with consumers in real-time. For all the property owners out there, this is a wonderful tool to promote your space.

In this post, we’ll explain the basics of Facebook Live and share eight ways to use it for your property.

Let’s get started.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is an interactive tool on the social media app that allows users to share real-time video straight from their smartphones. Basically, whatever you’re filming is live for all your followers and friends to see.

It’s similar technology to FaceTime, except you cannot see your audience. Instead, they respond to your video through Likes, Loves, and Comments.

It’s now available for all Facebook users, so we suggest you start exploring this powerful tool.

According to Facebook, “Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what's on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going.”

Starting a live broadcast is really simple.

  1. Head to Your Property’s Facebook Business Page on Your Mobile Device

  2. Click > Publish

  3. Click > Live Video

  4. Determine Geo Controls (Location Specific)

  5. Enter a Short Description

  6. Click > Go Live

It’s that simple! Now let’s talk about some ways to use Facebook Live to promote your property.

Promoting Your Property with Facebook Live

As Facebook Live grows in popularity, users are coming up with plenty of creative ways to use the technology. We urge you to be creative and try out one of our eight suggestions below!


Customer service is probably a top initiative for you company. Sometimes it’s difficult to answer all of your residents questions. Not to mention potential residents inquiries.

Use Facebook Live as an additional tool to respond to questions, comments, and concerns about your property. Schedule a Facebook Live video session at least once a month and promote it on your page and throughout your building. Encourage your residents and potential residents to ask questions. You can read their comments and answer their questions directly in the video.

The best part - the video stays on your page and can be viewed by anyone who missed the live session.


When you have new units available, schedule a Facebook Live walkthrough tour. This is an interactive way to showcase your property and promote new listings. You’ll love seeing the live feedback from viewers and you can even answer their questions during the tour.

This tip is a great benefit and unique benefit for property owners.


Use Facebook Live to show off your internal company culture. Shoot a video in the offices and introduce your staff members. Maybe your residents haven’t had an opportunity to meet the team that runs day-to-day operations.

Facebook Live is a great way to showcase those smiling faces.


Chances are, your maintenance staff takes care of leaky faucets and major repairs but what if someone in your building needs cleaning advice. Maybe they’re curious about decorating ideas for the holidays.

Whatever the topic (we encourage you to ask your residents what they want to learn about), you can hold a Facebook Live session demonstrating a simple task. For example, around the holidays, feature a how-to video for hanging lights in your apartment without damaging the walls.

Make sure to promote the time and date when you plan to go live so you have an interactive audience.


We all know that the best promotional tool is word-of-mouth. Testimonials are a great tool to promote interest in your property and feature its best assets. Hold a weekly or monthly Facebook Live session specifically featuring resident testimonials.

It’s an event that both residents and potential residents will definitely look forward to.


This tip is a no-brainer. You can use Facebook Live to promote the event, show off the event as it occurs, and as a wrap up of the event. If residents can’t make the event in person, they can watch the stream!

Also, it’s a great way to promote your property’s personality and community.


If you’re sending a newsletter to your residents or post news updates around your property, now you can add a morning announcement on Facebook Live.

Topics to Discuss:

  • What’s going on at your property?

  • Any new residents moving in?

  • New move-in promotions?

  • New units available?

  • What’s going on in the surrounding community?


The hottest trend for Facebook Live is the use of polls. Business pages create a Live video asking a question and gain results from the comments. Take advantage of this viral trend and start getting your followers’ opinions on topics related to your property.

For example, if you’re planning on painting the lobby, hold a Facebook Live poll to determine the paint color! Be creative.

Annette Smith