Instagram Adds New Polling Feature with Special Catch


In June, Facebook announced that Instagram Stories has 250 million daily active users. About a third of those are businesses, according to Facebook’s Global Head of Sales Carolyn Everson.   

Although the polling feature is nothing new, it does have a unique twist. It’s no longer anonymous. Now, you can see who voted and who decided to skim past your poll without sharing their thoughts. Instagram has brought a whole new level of transparency to the polling feature. 

Now you can see first-hand which one of your Insta-followers is actively participating in the polls. That’s right, real clicks. If you’re advertising on the platform, this insight can help you determine who is engaging with your polls, when they’re engaging and how much. There are now 2 million advertisers, up 1 million from March, so there is plenty of opportunity to grow a following, increase brand awareness, and even drive more traffic to your property’s website.

Access function to add polls to your story:

    - Just like adding stickers to your story, drag and drop the poll onto your image in your story

Access page identifying voters and their choices:

    - Click on the list of users who viewed your story at the bottom of the screen

You can use this new feature to create a highly-engaged audience and draw more awareness around your property. A few ideas for poll topics include:  

- Ask followers for their preference on upcoming event themes that will take place on your property

- Poll followers, which typically includes both current and prospective residents, about the type of decor to feature in new models

- Get users engaged by including lifestyle polls, such as who they’re taking in the weekend’s big game

- Conduct a poll about how the property can make residents feel most at home

With active users reaching upwards of 800 million and 500 million daily active users, the possibilities for reaching valuable users on Instagram is virtually endless. The biggest factor in increasing awareness for your location is by keeping a consistent presence on the platform and making sure that you’re engaging with your followers. This new polling feature is a wonderful way to build an audience that is actively listening to what you say and share on the social media network.

In addition to polls, users are producing 4 times more video per day. That’s an 80% increase over last year. Take note of this trend towards video and if you’re not already, begin including videos into your Instagram stories. With the new non-anonymous view function, you can keep track of who is watching your stories and even start reaching out directly to prospective residents.

Annette Smith