7 Simple Ways to Use Twitter Moments for Your Property


As social media evolves, there are always new tools available to help businesses showcase themselves on the web. An exciting feature on Twitter is ‘Moments.’

Think of Twitter Moments as a collection of your favorite photos, videos, and Tweets about a particular topic, i.e. 123 Main Street’s Summer Pool Bash. Twitter Moments gives you a platform to combine groups of selected tweets to spread your message with more than that pesky character limit.

The network promotes the feature as “the very best of what’s happening on Twitter.” Content curation is perfect for businesses like yours because it gives you a method to tell your story more effectively.

In this post, we will first explore how to create a Twitter Moment and then look at the top 7 ways to use the feature for your property.

Creating a Twitter Moment

If you’re not familiar with Twitter Moments, here’s a quick and simple guide to help you get started.

You can see all of the Moments from the users you follow by heading to the Twitter Moments homepage. Start familiarizing yourself with how other users share content. Ask yourself, “ is their content effective and engaging?” Feel free to gain inspiration from your connections! It’s a great place to start.

Next, create a Twitter Moment for your business.

  1. Click on Your Twitter Profile Photo in the Top Right Corner

  2. Select Moments

  3. Click ‘Create New Moment’ on the Left Sidebar

  4. Add a Title

  5. Add Curated Content

You can select tweets from your page, your followers, the users you follow, etc. All of the content added to the Moment should be focused on one topic.

For example, find tweets using your branded hashtag and add them to the moment. Make the tweets diverse, such as a collection of photos, videos, and engaging messages.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate high-performing content. If the Tweet performed well on its own, it will perform great inside a Moment.

  1. Next, Add a Cover Image

  2. Finally, Compose a Tweet That Includes a Link to your New Twitter Moment

Let your followers know about the new Moment directly on your Twitter feed. You can even pin the Moment to the top of your Twitter page to attract more exposure.

Now that you know how to create a Twitter Moment, let’s dive into how you can use the feature to promote your property.

7 Ways to Promote Your Property with Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments effectively communicate your message by combining diverse mediums.

For example, a recent and popular Twitter Moment was the announcement of Pantone’s 2017 Color, Greenery. The Moment featured a photo of the Pantone swatch, a description of the color, a video of the color in nature, and a fun collage of products available in Greenery. The announcement is exciting on its own but when it’s paired with the curated content, the announcement becomes dynamic and attracts a larger audience.

The same idea applies to your property. You have great messages to share. Here are a few ways to use Twitter Moments to boost engagement.


Let’s use the pool party example again. If your property hosts a summer bash, encourage residents to share their photos and videos from the event on Twitter and tag your property’s handle. Also, have a member of your team snap moments leading up to the event, during the event, and after the event. Share these on your Twitter feed.

Once the event wraps up, create a new Twitter Moment with the title: 123 Main Street’s Summer Pool Bash. Add in a brief description about the party such as who attended, where and when it happened, and any featured moments.

Next, gather all of the tweets from the event. Use your residents content and the content your team shared. Add a great image as the cover photo and you’re all set!

Now residents and potential residents can enjoy a complete view of the party instead of scrolling through a feed trying to find posts related to the event. This is a great way to showcase your property’s personality and offerings.


If you have residents that love to Tweet, make a Moment. Not only will your residents be flattered that they’re featured in their home’s feed, but also it will showcase your building’s community. It helps potential residents understand who lives in your building and if they feel like a good fit.


Do you get frustrated when you send out a collection of Tweets and you know many of them go unnoticed? We get it. Twitter feeds move so fast that many awesome messages get lost in the mix.

With Twitter Moments, you can collect and recycle those messages and display them in a collection that can be shared multiple times, across multiple platforms. Recycling great Tweets saves time and is downright smart. Many tweets are evergreen, so why not use them again!


If your company doesn’t have a branded hashtag, create one. Encourage residents and employees to include the hashtag in all tweets related to your brand, building, and property.

Once you have a collection of Tweets featuring the hashtag, combine all of these into a streamlined Twitter Moment. Let your residents and team members tell the story of your brand. It’s authentic and very powerful.


Your social media content can gain even more traction when you share across platforms. For example, if you write a blog post, like “Best Holiday Decor Tips,” put out a Tweet to your residents and encourage them to share photos of their homes decorated for the holidays. You can even have a team member go around to different residences and snap photos that you share on your page.

Gather these photos and videos into a Moment and you have a festive collection that not only showcases your property, but also gives many users great tips for holiday decorating. It’s really a win-win!


Twitter Moments are a wonderful tool for showcasing new listings. Snap images and walkthroughs of the spaces and share those on Twitter before collecting all into a Moment. This type of showcase is the perfect Moment to feature as a pinned Tweet for your main page.


Everyone loves scrolling through social media feeds and seeing furry faces, right? If you operate a pet-friendly property, feature the resident pals in their own Twitter Moment. Encouraging your residents to share images of their pets should be easy because everyone loves to show off those darling faces.

Annette Smith