Snapchat Spectacles Create a Unique Marketing Point-of-View


Ever dream of showing someone the world through your own eyes? Well, thanks to some innovation and a move into the future, Snapchat made that dream a reality with its new product — Spectacles.

Snapchat Spectacles are sunglasses equipped with a built-in camera that gives users the power to snap photos and record videos at the click of a button. And, as you’ve probably guessed, the Specs are wifi capable allowing users to upload their content directly to their Snapchat accounts.

This is the first venture into hardware for the social media company and it definitely keeps fans hoping for more unique devices.

With more than 150 billion global users, Snapchat is one of the most widely used social media platforms and growing. In fact, it’s expected that by 2020, Snapchat will have more than 280 billion users.

Snagging a Pair of Snapchat Spectacles

There are a few ways you can score a pair of these trendy new Specs, one of which leads you on a fun adventure - if you’re up for a challenge.

Follow the Snapchat Spectacles Bot around the country (and soon, the globe) to get a pair in your hands, ASAP.

The Bot’s spent a lot of time on the West Coast, but you can keep an eye on the Map to track its current location and grab a pair for yourself.

Another way of getting your hands on a pair is by ordering a pair of Spectacles on the web. For $129, you can take 10-second Snaps right from your sunglasses, just in time for Spring and Summer. The glasses come in three colors (Coral, Black and Teal) and are delivered within two to four weeks. Also, the Spectacles charge in their case, making it easy for travel.

If you prefer the third-party market, you can also order Spectacles on sites like eBay and you can rent them for $30 for three days if you prefer to give the glasses a test drive first.

On-Trend Marketing: Snapchat Spectacles to Capture Moments On-The-Go

Snapchat Spectacles open up an entirely new way to collect marketing content for your business. Whether it’s showcasing an open apartment unit or a local event, this tool gives your business a unique way to position itself as a trendy, in-the-know resource for awesome content.


Hot artist in town? Street festival featuring local grub? Show your Snapchat followers a front row view from your perspective. Your community is so much more than beautiful living spaces. It’s also about the opportunities for exploration. A unique perspective of fun events engages new audience members and shows off your community’s personal flair.


A literal apartment walkthrough from a Spectacle perspective is a fabulous way to show off available units. This viewpoint allows your audience to imagine living in the space and will encourage them to set up a personal tour of their own.


If your residence hosts parties and events on-site, snap videos and share them with your followers. An inside look at what your community has to offer in terms of events builds a positive following and reputation.


Location. Location. Location. Quality of living has a lot to do with your surroundings. If your community is located in an awesome part of town with high walkability ratings, share it with your Snapchat followers. Shoot quick videos that feature the area and what residents can experience when they live in your community.


“Getting to know you…” Behind-the-scenes views are very popular because everyone likes to know more about the people who make their community a success. Use Spectacles to snap quick meet-the-team videos or feature a new team member each week!


Pet-friendly communities benefit from lots of furry faces to feature on social media. Use the tool to shoot quick snaps of the darling dogs that reside within. Have a dog park nearby? Take your Spectacles to the park and film all the bark-worthy action.


With only 10 seconds, your videos will be inherently short, sweet, and to the point. This time frame is great for sharing sneak peek clips. Both potential and current residents will be excited to see what’s to come in your community.

Annette Smith