Leveraging Twitter & Instagram: Best Practices for Gaining Audiences That Care


Starting Instagram and Twitter accounts is easy. Maintaining each account with daily posts takes time and effort, but building a loyal and engaged following — that takes strategy.

Don’t get overwhelmed. There is some good news. Most of the best practices for increasing followers and engagement are ideas you’ve probably considered but just haven’t gotten around to implementing. Luckily, we’re here to help spark your productivity and help you build a stellar social media presence with plenty of excited followers.

Optimize Your Bio

First things first, don’t skimp on the details. Instagram and Twitter come with profile real estate for a reason. Use it.

Make sure your “about us” section properly represents your property but don’t try to be too funny or clever; leave that to the famous comedians and actors who don’t need a bio to get followers. Since your business is your focus, be sure to include one line of personal information (this is “social” media after all) and always remember to keep it professional. We’re all for personality, but maintaining a balance is key!

On the flip side, don’t spam your own profile. Present only relevant information and include any contact information that you deem necessary.

Develop A Brand Identity

How do you define your property? What makes it unique and desirable?  

That seems like a simple question (and perhaps in everyday life, it is), but your social media identity should be one that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Now, you shouldn’t misrepresent, but we do recommend finding a focus and sticking to it. If you are consistent with your posts, your followers will anticipate what they will see from your property and be eager to catch up with your posts every single day.

For example, Jim Bachor is a mosaic artist in Chicago who gained attention worldwide when he began posting pictures of his pothole art on Instagram.

Bachor doesn’t post everyday, but because of the uniqueness of his posts, he doesn’t need to. His followers know what they’re getting by following him and they look forward to his content.

Straying from your theme from time to time is fine (Bachor does it) but once you create an identity, don’t forget it.

Use Trending & Popular Hashtags

Even the most green of Instagram and Twitter users understand hashtags. However, there is a difference in knowing what hashtags are and how to use them.

A good idea for businesses trying to gain a following is to participate in trending hashtags. The hottest hashtags are always changing but there are staples that remain consistently popular (#tbt, #fbf, #instafollow, #photooftheday, etc.)

Another way to incorporate this tool is through the use of simple hashtags, for example #love, #dog, or #art. Remember to only use relevant hashtags and don’t spam your post with too many; you don’t want to appear desperate for attention.

Once you develop a following, leverage your branded hashtag. We always recommend creating a few hashtags that are unique to your brand. Use your property name and a unique differentiator for your location. Your audience will start using the hashtag to grab your attention and that’s great news!

Schedule Posts At Popular Times

The time of day you post is just as important as the content you post.

Studies show that the best time to post on Instagram is 2 am or 5 pm. For Twitter, lunch time tweets between noon and 1 pm local time will get in front of the most eyeballs.

Obviously, busy schedules, and sleep, will prevent you from hitting those times every day. Thankfully, scheduling apps or social media partners, like Social Kapture, can help you take care of the posting for you.

Follow & Engage With Other Accounts

To better understand your demographic of followers and how to attract them, pay attention to your competitors and how they’re engaging with their audience.

Liking, commenting, and generally staying active on Instagram and Twitter will show others that you take the platforms seriously and soon you will start to garner the attention that you’re dishing out.

Interact With Your Followers

Once you start gaining followers, show them your appreciation by engaging and interacting with them, especially those loyal followers who were with you from the beginning. This is absolutely critical for social success.

Frequently respond to tweets on Twitter and respond to comments on Instagram.

If you find you’re not gaining the type of traction you desire, change the way in which you’re posting on Instagram. Rather than post a simple caption to a picture, pose a question.

Generate a conversation and soon you’ll generate followers.

Annette Smith