Facebook Leads the AR Photo Pack with Official Camera Effects Platform Launch

Facebook Launches User-Submitted Camera Filters


At the Facebook Developer Conference: F8 today, the social media platform announced that brands can create and submit their own filters for their new messaging application camera — for free. This is a big deal, given that the filters are very similar to the paid Geofilter option on Snapchat and reportedly easier to use than its highly-popular competitor.

According to Facebook, “Now you can create effects for the Facebook camera, from the simplest frame to the most stunning augmented reality experiences.”

In essence, Mark Zuckerberg just delivered one of the most important keynote speeches of our time. Many believed that Snapchat would maintain an edge with their augmented reality technologies but now Facebook is opening a platform for all developers that will almost certainly allow it to surpass anything Snapchat can develop in-house.

Facebook's going all-in on AR because — plain and simple — it’s the right move. They have officially pulled ahead from copying Snap and are now leading the AR race.

Additionally, FB announced they are building a brain interface akin to Elon Musk's 'Neural Lace,' which will enable you to interact with technology using only your thoughts. (More on that as details emerge!)

Camera Effects Platform: The Options 


Social media marketers can create custom designs through the Frame Studio and the AR Studio.

The social media site states that the Frame Studio allows users to “create art in your favorite design tool and build the frame right in your desktop browser. Once approved, your frame will appear in the Facebook camera or in profile picture frames for your friends, family and fans to use.”

As for the AR Studio, it’s starting with a beta launch that will allow any user to create their own lens.

Facebook states, “AR Studio offers fully customizable tools for creating augmented reality experiences in the Facebook camera and Live broadcasts, including built-in features for creating effects without code and scripting for more flexibility and control. Apply now to participate in the beta version.”

What to Expect

The most interesting component of Facebook’s new launch is how the platform plans to implement discovery. Now, businesses can tie both the frames and masks, think Geofilters and Lenses on Snapchat, to their Facebook page. Once they create a new design, their network will be notified.

It’s certainly a powerful new engagement tool for brands of all sizes.

Annette Smith