Content Strategy: Why Content Matters


Your Social Network Doesn’t Matter, It’s Your Content That Does!

In the ever changing online landscape of social media and digital marketing, the one constant is engagement. Whether you’re looking to drive online interactions or new leasing leads, it all boils down to the type of content you’re using and the goal behind each post. Developing a content strategy is crucial to your long-term online success.  So let’s talk about how building a proper content model can help you plan out content that makes an impact.

What is a content model?

A content model is a group of organized content developed for specific usage around your overall content strategy. Content models should be organized within spreadsheets or a clear to comprehend grid. They are most useful when they focus on the journey of the audience and create a roadmap for which content should be distributed. 

What impacts the prospect journey?

The journey of a person from prospect to renter is mainly influenced by two factors: The prospects awareness of your community and their intent on leasing an apartment. While this might feel like an obvious statement, let’s dive a little deeper into what this actually means. 

  1. Awareness - The prospect journey begins with Awareness. Typically a prospective renter searches for an apartment based on a need and as they begin that search, their focus goes towards locations and communities already on their radar. They then branch out from there. The first step is answering the question, “How aware is your target prospect of your community?”

  2. Intent - The next focus is on the intent of the prospect. Are they merely shopping around? Is this initial research for them? Or are they actively in the rental process? As a prospect moves from low to high rental intent, different types of content will have a better effect on them. Your main question here is, “How willing to rent is this prospect?”

Audiences that Matter

  1. A Prospective Renter who has never seen your property.

  2. A Current Renter who is thinking about renewing their lease.

  3. A Prospective Renter who has toured your property.

  4. A Prospective Renter who has visited your website multiple times.

  5. A Prospective Renter who has visited your website once.

Each of these prospects are uniquely different and they are at different points of their journey and should receive a unique message designed to push them to the next phase of their journey. 

Low Intent with Low Awareness

Prospects with very low rental intent and no awareness of your community are in the perfect position to be Engaged and Entertained. The content that you produce should serve to generate awareness of what your community offers, highlighting key amenities that will attract prospects. You should always include subtle calls to action. Examples of people in this group are:

  1. Someone who is in the middle of their lease and hasn’t decided if they will renew or move.

  2. People who have just moved into a place and will be there for at least one lease term.

  3. People who own a house, condo or townhouse and aren’t looking to rent.

Entertainment content should primarily focus on providing viral content for prospects to consume regularly and easily share with friends. This serves to build consistent engagement with your community while increasing their brand recall along their journey from being unaware of your brand to become a Brand Advocate. 

Low Intent with High Awareness

Prospects with very low rental intent and high awareness of your community are in the perfect position to be Convinced and Persuaded. As they are highly aware of your community and what it offers, your content should serve to reassure them that your community is the place that will solve their need for a new home, should that need arise. Examples of people in this group are:

  1. People who live or work nearby your community, they see it everyday but moving isn’t on their current list of priorities.

  2. Friends and family of existing residents.

  3. People who engage with your content on a regular basis.

Convincing content leans on material from influencers of your target demographic, reviews from your existing renters and details about your community or brand’s mission. This is the content that may lead to referrals and keeps you top of mind as the “If I ever need to move, this community is where I’m moving.”

High Intent with Low Awareness

Customers with high rental intent and low awareness of your community are in the perfect position to be Educated. They will be currently doing research on where to move but are unaware of your community and what you offer. Examples of people in this group are:

  1. People who live and work in a different area and may be looking for a change. Maybe they live outside the city now and want a shorter commute, or want to be in a more up and coming neighborhood.

  2. People moving from out of town. They know they need to move to your city, but don’t know anything about the area and are researching.

Educational content leans on content from Blogs, PR, and Market Surveys, to Videos and Virtual Tours. All designed to raise the awareness level of the self-qualified renter. This content should lead to a phone call, email or tour request to gain more info about your property.

High Intent with High Awareness

Customers with high rental intent and high awareness of your community are in the perfect position to be Converted. These customers have done their research, they are actively looking to move and aware of your community and all that you offer. Examples of people in this group are:

  1. People moving from out of town. They know the area they want to move in, they know about your community, amenities, etc.

  2. People who work locally that are moving for a shorter commute or looking to live in a certain neighborhood.

Converting content leans on simple Calls To Action, Lease Specials and drives them towards the Application or Online Lease, or gives them Pricing and Testimonials. These are simple and quick interactions that are designed to drive the lease process. This content should focus on generating applications and leases.  

As you focus on generating authentic and compelling content to nurture your prospects, you’ll start to see your organic engagement increase, viral posts will become more frequent and you’ll positively impact your overall website traffic.  

On the marketing side, the increase in organic social engagement will decrease the amount you have to pay for impressions because you’ll have better quality scores on your posts offering a more engaging and more preferred experience for social users. Google also registers increased website activity and sees the website as healthy, providing a good user experience for those who visit. Overall, these results increase your standing on Organic SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and aids your SEO efforts, while decreasing the cost per click bid that you’ll have to pay because your website will be a more attractive landing page to their algorithm.

All of these positive results are simply based on generating better content! 

Annette Smith