5 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post!


By Colton Simmons

The human brain can recognize and evaluate images in less than 80 milliseconds.* That doesn’t leave much time for social media users to recognize, engage, and/or disregard the content on your feed.

While we can’t jedi-mind trick social media users into leasing one of your apartments (not yet, at least), we can help you design content that is far more effective at holding people’s attention.

So, if you’re looking to get into the mix with your property’s social media feed, we recommend asking yourself these 5 quick questions before you post.

1. Is It Simple?

Less is always more when it comes to social media. Social media is the first impression you’ll make with the majority of your potential residents. And you wouldn’t tell someone you just met at a party your entire life story, so there’s no need to try to fit every detail about your property into one post. Let your post peak their curiosity and then direct them to a place where they can find out more about your property.


2. Is It Accurate?

Maintaining the integrity of your property is far more important than landing a new customer. If you’re posting all the time about a communal pool that is never open, it’s a surefire way to turn new residents into bitter residents. It won’t take long for word to spread and former residents to tank your reputation online. Remember, someone will only leave a review if they’ve had a really good experience or a really bad experience. Being accurate and transparent can help avoid the latter.


3. Is It Consistent?

Our copywriters & graphic designers work hard to maintain a certain aesthetic quality on your feed. While we don’t expect you to master photoshop and get a degree in communications, you can always compare your content with our past posts to get an idea of what looks best. If you’re ever unsure of how to post user generated content, you can always send it to our team first so we can make sure it fits in with the rest of your feed!


4. Is It Interesting?

The best way to answer this question is by putting yourself in the shoes of a potential resident. Get to know your residents, the surrounding area, and unique aspects of the community and/or property. Posts containing “Fun facts” are just one example of planting memorable seeds in the minds of potential residents.


5. Is It Actionable?

A simple photo of your two-bedroom floor plan is great once a client is in your leasing office. However, floor plan photos on social media often fall flat. Why? Because there’s no sense of urgency and no call to action. Are the two-bedroom apartments almost gone? Is there a deal on your two-bedroom apartments? What should I do if I’m interested in learning more about those two-bedroom apartments? This may seem obvious, but adding contact information, creating a sense of urgency, and clearly stating next steps can go a long way with your audience.

Annette Smith