Instagram Entices More Clicks on User Stories


With more than 200 million users taking advantage of the temporary Stories on Instagram, the platform is increasing visibility of the widely used feature. To get more users to click on the content created and shared as Stories, Instagram added a new form of presentation to its visually-driven feed.

Now, when a user scrolls through their photos and videos, they will see a preview of the top Instagram Stories and be able to click on them — right then and there.



The Stories feature is becoming an increasingly popular method for property owners — and all users — to share quick-hit content without making it permanent on your page. The disappearing photo and video collection is a feature that was borrowed from the likeness of Snapchat beginning in August 2016.

The increase in usership is up from 150 million people per day at the beginning of the year. In fact, there are more people using Stories on Instagram in just nine months than there are people using Snapchat altogether, which has more than 170 million daily users.

The Stories profile bubbles will still remain at the top of the app but the new presentation gives users a second chance — or a reminder, of sorts — to entice them to click on the updated Stories content. It even features an image preview of the what you’ll see once you click on the profile.

Why this matters for your property’s page?

If you’re not taking advantage of Instagram Stories, you should start now. This new method of presenting the content increases the prominence of positioning in the app, making it a primary outlet for promotional content. Stories were already listed at the top of the app and now you’ll have a second chance to get users to click on your content.  

When sharing new content for your Stories, consider featuring walk-throughs of new units or behind-the-scenes looks into your property. For more ideas on the best content to share from your property’s Instagram page, check out this post.

Annette Smith