5 Essential Social Media Tips for 2019


The spring and summer months are synonymous with fun. From short breaks to extended vacations, almost everyone will be spending more time out and about. Popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram experience a surge in daily users when the warm weather hits — which means there’s no time like the present to ramp up your social media strategy!

Whether your residents are basking in a staycation or showing their guests around town, these tips will help you make the most of the season and maximize your community’s presence across platforms!


In-the-moment is on the rise, and you’re sure to see an uptick in Stories users as the warmer weather approaches. Since 2016, Instagram and Facebook Stories creation and consumption has risen 842% — giving your property plenty of opportunities to shine. For a winning social strategy that attracts prospects and engages current residents, you need to make the most of your feed and Stories space. Think of your Facebook and Instagram feeds as the home for curated essential information centered around your property’s brand, aesthetic, and lifestyle.

Stories, on the other hand, is more of a space to let prospects get up close and personal with your community by creating behind-the-scenes moments sharing what life is really like at your property. Stories don’t need to be polished. They don’t need to be perfect. The idea behind Instagram and Facebook stories is to live in-the-now and let people in. Make sure your residents to get in on the action and tag your property in their stories!

Share photos and videos from your fun resident events. Get your leasing team involved and show off available floor plans, amenities, views, or even just funny moments in the office. Whatever you do, just be sure to use a relevant hashtag, tag your property or neighborhood as the location, and most importantly — don’t take yourself too seriously!

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Showing off your dazzling pool or massive dog run is important, but one thing you won’t want to shy away from sharing is the people that oversee the day-to-day affairs of your community. Spotlighting your team on social media not only humanizes your property’s brand, but it also lets your prospects get familiar with the team that will lead them through their leasing process before they even walk in the door.

Share birthdays, work anniversaries, teambuilding activities, promotions, new hires, awards, employee appreciation, and more! Feel free to ask fun questions about their favorite amenities, what they love most about the community, or even what they enjoy doing outside of work. Keep it fun, upbeat, and most importantly — be sure to show their warm, smiling faces in a great photo, video, or boomerang!


From breaking news to scheduled streams, live video across Facebook and Instagram are a surefire way to keep your community top-of-mind with prospects and keep your current residents engaged.

Live broadcasting is an excellent way to answer questions from prospects, create a sense of urgency with property specials, or give a real-time tour of available units. Going live at your property events is also a great way to include current residents who are unable to attend, and give prospects something fun to look forward to. Start broadcasting, create a little FOMO, and watch your engagement rise!


Word-of-mouth is still the fastest, most credible way information spreads about your community — and the digital world is no exception. Leveraging the trust and authority of the right influencers is a great way to connect the dots between your community prospective residents.

Influencers can expand your property’s reach and help you lock into your target audience by promoting your community’s best features to their followers. From neighborhood hotspots to popular amenities, content from social media influencers gives prospects an authentic taste of life inside your community while driving awareness and engagement.

The right influencer relationship can truly take your team’s leasing efforts to the next level. To learn more about Social Kapture’s Influencer Marketing services, contact our sales team.


For the multifamily industry, customer service extends well beyond greeting prospects at the door or connecting over the phone. Technology has driven the need for near-instant resolutions, and the best way to meet your prospects where they are in a timely fashion is with AI-driven customer service enhancements.

With services like Prospect Chat by Social Kapture, potential residents can get information on current specials, floor plans, amenities, move-in dates, and more — with just a few simple keywords. When your leasing agents open Facebook Messenger, they’ll find ready-qualified leads awaiting follow-up. Time-saving customer service AI integrations like Prospect Chat help your team move the needle on your leasing goals with ease, while significantly cutting down on time spent responding to messages, sifting through emails, and answering phone calls.

Click the link below to learn more about Prospect Chat or sign up!

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While the spring and summer months are full of opportunities to take advantage of potential residents spending more time online, all properties should be invested in a year-round strategy for social media. Whether your property is a brand-new lease-up or a stabilized asset, building and maintaining a social media presence can help drive leads, fill vacancies, and boost resident retention.

If your team is ready to convert social media likes to signed leases, contact us today to learn more about what Social Kapture services are a right fit for your community!

Annette Smith