4 Ways to Boost Resident Experience

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Yes, social media is known for fun filters, funny videos, and viral memes. But at its core, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of today’s most popular tools for keeping up with the ones you care about most. In fact, these platforms boast a monthly active user count of over 4 billion combined. From celebrities and businesses to everyday users, we spend an average of 142 minutes posting, scrolling, liking, commenting, and sharing.

In the age of real-time feedback, reviews, comments, and shares are a powerful social currency for properties. If your community struggles with negative reviews, low resident engagement, or high turnover, social media can help your team turn things around. With these four tips, your team can drive a better resident experience that boosts lease renewals and your community’s bottom line.

Make Messaging a Priority

For busy 9 to 5-ers and phone call-averse millennials, office hours may not always be the most convenient or effective means of communicating with your leasing team. With smartphone users sending and receiving 5x more messages than phone calls, it’s pretty safe to bet that your residents may feel more comfortable reaching out via DM, Messenger, or even by leaving comments on your recent posts.

This is the perfect opportunity for your team to step up their social media customer service game — responding to comments, inquiries, and troubleshooting with residents in real-time. Not only will this give your staff a little more time to breathe between calls and pop-up visits, but your residents will appreciate your prompt response and attention to their needs.

Broadcast Important Information

From emergency preparedness to scheduled city maintenance, sharing critical information is a powerful way to leverage social media for your community. Make use of live broadcasting, Stories, and Twitter to keep your residents up-to-date on construction, scheduled outages, emergency information, and more. They’ll appreciate your team for being proactive, and come to see them as a trusted source for critical information.

Run Resident-Only Contests

Improve resident participation while giving your social media engagement a boost through contests and giveaways! From Pet of the Month to holiday-inspired decorating competitions, social media contests encourage likes, comments, and shares, while driving resident loyalty. Resident participation in social media contests is as easy as using a dedicated hashtag, tagging your property to submit their photos, or by leaving a comment on the contest post for entry.

Social Kapture regularly runs resident-focused contests for clients on Facebook and Instagram, with prizes ranging from Bark Boxes to Beer Festival tickets. In turn, these contests garner widespread resident support while driving engagement and page growth.

Looking for a team of experts to launch your next giveaway? Contact clients@socialkapture.com to get started!

Poll Your Residents

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For your team, there’s no worse feeling than putting tons of time and resources into hosting an event for your residents… and only 3 people show up. Instead of spinning your team’s wheels to create a jam-packed community event calendar, use social media to boost your event attendance by giving your residents exactly what they want! Inside of Instagram and Facebook stories, you have the ability to take a poll or ask open-ended questions — which is the perfect opportunity to get real-time feedback from your residents.

Let your residents decide what types of events your team should host, what food to have, and even suggest neighborhood gathering spots!

The Social Kapture team is committed to helping your community stand out online, lease up with less stress, and maintain occupancy. For more social media strategies that your property can leverage today, contact our Client Services team at clients@socialkapture.com!

Annette Smith