How AI is Driving Customer Service, Leads, and a New Generation of Renters in Multifamily


At every major conference since 2017, you’ve probably heard some variation of the line. “AI is the future of multifamily!”, along with some expert’s deep dive into the world of chatbots, automations, and algorithms.

You may have shaken your head in disagreement. Looked at the presenter with confusion. Or even shuddered at the mere thought of a computer program chatting with your prospects. While replacing your leasing team’s online efforts with a chatbot may seem far fetched, cold, or even a little bit scary, that expert at last year’s conference was on to something.

Can AI Replace Real Humans?

The statistics, research, and reports don’t lie — AI (artificial intelligence) is the future, and millennial renters are driving the trend. When it comes to meeting the needs of prospects and residents, can computer programs really replace the human touch?

Yes and no.

By 2020, 85% of all consumer-to-business communications will be done without human interaction. Your prospective residents are already primed to expect prompt responses to their inquiries online — your property included. We’re not suggesting that you replace your on-site team with a room full of computers. But we do believe that apartment communities should be on the cutting-edge of meeting renters where they are.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and add an indispensable component to your team’s leasing efforts, AI-driven social media and digital marketing enhancements are the way to go.

Here’s why…

Around-The-Clock Customer Service


Your prospects are likely working during your leasing office hours. 9-to-5ers are often unable to make calls and schedule tours when your team is is on-site (we know this from experience). In fact, most multifamily chatbot interactions happen between 9 pm and 1 am — well after your team has gone home for the day. With AI-driven chatbots like Social Kapture’s Prospect Chat, your virtual leasing office is always open for apartment seekers, while ensuring that your team doesn’t lose out on valuable leads (or lead time). In 2019, one of the most critical components of customer service is how rapidly you respond. With AI services like Prospect Chat, your leads are never left waiting.

Data-Driven Performance

If you have a paid digital ads campaign with Social Kapture, then your property is already leveraging the power of AI to attract apartment seekers. Driven by a combination of algorithms and audience behavior, AI aggregates key information to deliver higher converting ads.

With AI driving data on audience insights and habits, your team will spend less time and resources on traditional marketing methods while driving results that you can actually measure. With trackable data on reach, impressions, conversions, and more, your team can more effectively calculate their ROI for digital advertising. And most importantly, your team can review real-time results and implement new strategies instantly.

Faster, Smarter… Cheaper

Whether you’re considering enhanced digital advertising strategies or implementing a Facebook chatbot, there’s one common benefit to using AI-driven marketing enhancements: they are among the most affordable.

While some components of your marketing budget may be fixed (like rolling banners, signage, and other curb appeal items), your property’s lease up period could benefit from a little flexibility with other line items. You could arm your team with a few thousand dollars in flyers and swag to canvas the local community — or you could invest that same budget into a digital advertising campaign aimed at apartment seekers in your area.

With nearly 4 billion combined monthly users across platforms, social media is the premier vehicle for meeting your prospects where they are. Driven by an analysis of activity and engagement, AI places your property’s digital ads right where prospects are most likely to take action. And with an average cost per lead significantly below traditional advertising rates, your property can lease up while staying on target and on budget.

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AI is Here to Stay

...but don’t go it alone.

Navigating the ever-changing terrain of social media and digital advertising can be a challenge for communities looking to lease up or remain competitive in the marketplace. Social Kapture is here to bridge the gap between your prospects online and your leasing team’s efforts on-site.

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Annette Smith