How to Capitalize on Micro-Moments to Drive Conversions


As technology grows and plays a more significant role in everyday life, connecting with your audience through meaningful content matters even more. Just a year ago, you may have expected a pretty linear prospect journey — a website visit, perhaps a look at one of your social channels, and then an in-person tour.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the digital marketplace and social media, communication and ultimately conversion for the multifamily industry strays from the linear path, evolving into more of a circular journey with overlapping touchpoints.

Defining Micro-Moments

According to Google, the interactions along this customer journey are considered Micro-Moments*, defined as, “An intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need”. No longer are your prospects researching and taking action in one session — they’re Googling a building they just passed on the street, clicking an ad in their Facebook news feed, calling your property from a listing in Google Maps, or even reading a local blog that references your community.

This circular journey is the result of technology that helps to answer any question we have at a moment’s notice. From Google searches to looking up information on social media, technology creates pathways for businesses to capitalize on those “I want-to-know”, “I want-to-go”, “I want-to-do”, and “I want-to-buy” moments described by Google.

In the apartment industry alone, mobile searches for “apartments near me” have increased by 26% over the last 12 months — yielding a whopping 1.9 million searches over the previous year. Making the most of micro-moments with your prospects shouldn’t have to be a convoluted, complicated undertaking. Just keep these three things top of mind when developing your strategy to convert leads:

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With such a wide net of touchpoints cast by technology, it’s now more important than ever that properties have unified messaging. Prospects should be able to understand your brand, core message, and value proposition anywhere they encounter your community. A prospect that finds your information on an ILS should be able to find those same details just as easily with a Google search and visit to your website, or on your social media pages. And most importantly, every single touchpoint should fit seamlessly within your property’s brand messaging.

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Did you know that more than 60% of renters begin their apartment search on their smartphone? In fact, over the last 12 months, 74% of all searches for phrases like “apartments for rent” were done via mobile. To meet your prospects where they are and maximize the minutes they spend online, your property’s website and other digital platforms should be optimized for browsing and taking action in as few steps as possible.

You’ve only got a few minutes to capture your prospect’s attention — make the most of these micro-moments with a responsive, mobile-optimized design and actionable content across platforms.  

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Awareness isn’t just a good practice for your personal life, it’s great for your team, too! User experience ultimately drives conversion, and having a keen sense of how your property’s processes work for prospects is key. Every person on your team should have an in-depth knowledge of your website, application process, and communications flow — and work together to ensure the connection between all three is as seamless as possible.

Need to do a quick pulse check on your property? Try this activity:

Google your community name, and track how much time (and how many actions) it takes you to request information.

You know the contact form is on the property website, but how many clicks did it take from Google to your “contact us” button? How much longer would it take someone who’s never been to your website? Understanding these micro-moments and how they impact your leasing process can help your team better predict the prospect journey — and improve your lead to lease conversions.

The Next Step...

When every aspect of your prospect journey is primed with meaningful micro-moments, your property’s digital advertising strategy will start to run like a well-oiled machine. But how can you ensure that these micro-moments will convert?

That’s where proper attribution comes in. Read on to learn more about how this key component of your analytics can help you understand the micro-moments that



Annette Smith