Google Ads Update: Increasing Conversion & Lowering Costs


Google recently introduced new targeting options within some of their ad campaigns.  This change to how customized audiences are created allows us to be more granular in audience selection while still maintaining Fair Housing compliance and optimizing your campaign to deliver the most leads for your budget.

What’s Changing Exactly?

Social Kapture’s Engaged Audience Targeting is replacing basic keyword targeting to provide better performance, more scalability, simplified audience management, and better audience recommendations. With Engaged Audience Targeting, we can define and reach your ideal audience through our custom crafted selection of keywords, URLs, and apps.

Engaged Audience Targeting allows us to reach the ideal audience for your property by creating campaigns according to the specific keywords and landing pages you would like to target. You can use our custom-created audience segments or define your own audiences by providing specific keywords, URLs, and even apps that might be related to your target audience. Our Google Ads campaigns will then show ads to people who are likely to be interested in these keywords on pages, apps, and videos.

Asset 51@3x.png

We’re able to create an audience of users who have visited certain websites while looking for specific keywords and create a hyper-targeted audience.  Without having to adjust any demographic data, we can create an audience that targets potential incoming students all based on their behavior. By looking for people who have recently visited the school’s orientation website and have also searched for apartments in the area.  Or people who have been to the university’s housing site and visited at any of your competitor's websites.

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We’re able to create audiences of users based on specific apartment search apps like Trulia, Zillow or Apartment List, and combine that with people searching for specific keyword searches to craft an audience of people who are actively researching apartments over a specific timeframe.  This allows you to focus on prospects who are more likely further down the funnel in terms of interest. Few initial keyword searches lead directly to a lead, but by focusing on prospects who have been actively searching over the last 30+ days we’re finding users with more intent who are more likely to see your property and schedule a tour or start an application.

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Our Engaged Audience Targeting is fair housing compliant.  These audiences focus on the actions and behavior of your prospects rather than any demographic information under a protected class.  We’re combining our tracking pixels with user actions to focus on people within your target market who are actively researching apartments and visiting sites/apps that indicate their intent to move.  No other factors such as Age, Sex, Familial Status, Religion, Race, Color, National Origin or Handicap Status are used when crafting our audiences.

Annette Smith