6 Ways to Maximize Your Services with Social Kapture


Whether the virtual ink on your contract is still drying or you’ve been with Social Kapture since the beginning, our team is committed to making sure your property has rockstar-like success across social media platforms.

Although we’re doing the heavy lifting for your on-site team in terms of social media management and paid advertising, working with Social Kapture is by no means a “set it and forget it” service.


In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Our most successful clients are engaged, responsive, and detail-oriented — ready and able to collaborate with our team for winning content that converts. After all, your leasing goals are our goals, too! As a Social Kapture client, we encourage you to maximize your ROI and put our team to work for your property!

Here’s how:


Before we ever begin posting, our team schedules an onboarding call with each new client. This is our team’s introduction to every single facet of your community — from local vibes to things that make your residents tick. During this onboarding process, there’s no detail that’s too small or irrelevant for the team of designers, copywriters, and coordinators that will produce your community’s content.

Is your property downtown-adjacent, and not exactly downtown? Tell us. Pool out of commission for replastering? Let us know, so we can avoid talking about it for a while. Prefer that we use a special symbol or all caps in your property name? We’ll take note of that, too.

Without a comprehensive onboarding experience, our team is left with only your website and our own research to create your content. And while it will look great, it will lack the total authenticity and feel that we love to deliver for our clients.

Trust us — there’s a visible difference in performance and engagement, too. Avoid this common pitfall and start your service with Social Kapture on the right foot!


Your onboarding call won’t be the last time you hear from our team! In addition to our monthly Client Newsletter, our client services team regularly checks in with your on-site team to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on your property. Things like…

  • Did your property just go on YieldStar? Give us a heads up, so we can scale back the leasing-driven content.

  • Is your on-site gym finally open? Let us know (and send photos!) so we can make a big deal out of it on social.

Just like the onboarding process, thorough is the name of the game. There’s no such thing as too much information or too many details. Our goal is for your content to look and feel like we’re right there in your leasing office — and every bit of information (no matter how small) helps ensure that we deliver.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 1.04.21 PM.png

Social media is visually driven, and our most successful clients have profiles with clean, vibrant images of their property and amenities. Our content has a much greater impact when the strategy, copy, and design elements have a strong photo foundation. Your prospects will be impressed, and current residents will feel compelled to share such awesome angles of their community.

Construction, pet, team member, and resident event photos also receive high engagement on social media, so be sure to submit those photos to our team! You can also send us video footage of construction updates, remodeled amenities, model units, and more! So remember — send, send, send!

P.S. When sending amenity and interior photos, please label them (i.e. “Resident Lounge” or “Model Floor Plan A4”) so our team can share the most accurate information on your pages.


Just because you’ve handed over the social media keys to SK doesn’t mean your leasing team can’t get involved. Our goal is to create authentic, engaging content that feels like our team is working inside your leasing office  — and your on-site team can play a pivotal role.

While our designers, copywriters, and coordinators curate your property’s feed-published content, we encourage on-site teams to share behind the scenes photos and videos in Stories. With our team-created branded evergreen and lifestyle content, and your team sharing in-the-now moments on Stories, your property’s profile will contain the perfect balance of content that drives awareness and converts prospects to residents.


Communication is the cornerstone of a successful partnership with Social Kapture. We love to hear from our clients! Period.

Head over heels in love with every post? Tell our team, so we can continue to deliver winning content for your community. Think a few of our posts are missing the mark? Let us know, so we can pivot and create content that’s more in line with your vision.

If your original audience changes between pre-leasing and your grand opening, or your property runs into unexpected construction delays, our team would love to know. Those important developments — from rebranding to rescheduled opening dates — are critical information that our team would love to share with prospects and residents.

The more consistent, clear, and in-sync our communication, the better your pages look.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 1.47.13 PM.png

Reviews and resident-driven content are a powerful social currency. When it comes to your community, the perspective of current residents weighs heavily in the decision making of apartment seekers. Up your community’s word-of-mouth factor by encouraging current residents to leave reviews on Modern Message, Google, and Facebook. In turn, our team will take these reviews and leverage them across social platforms — shining a spotlight on your residents while providing valuable insight for your prospects.

Take resident involvement to the next level by encouraging them to create and share user-generated content (UGC). UGC wins on social media because it authentically captures your community’s lifestyle, up close and personal. Encourage your residents to show off their interior decor, poolside lounging, workouts in the gym, walks with pets, and more! Have them tag your property in their photos and Social Kapture will handle the rest!

As you can see, a strong start with Social Kapture sets the stage for a stellar social media strategy that drives leases and resident renewals. From the on-site team to the Property Manager, everyone in your office plays a pivotal role in our partnership and success. To get a quick pulse check on how your property is making the most of Social Kapture services, email us at clients@socialkapture.com!

Annette Smith