From Turn to Reducing Turnover: 4 Tips for Driving Student Housing Renewals with Social Media


Congratulations, you’ve just survived another turn!🎉

Before you and your team kick your feet up and breathe a collective sigh of relief, it’s time for another big push right alongside new residents moving in…


While your team may be tempted to push-off lease renewal efforts until the holiday season, it’s a good idea to go the extra mile and promote renewals the moment your new residents check-in. We’re not just talking signage, swag, and flyers — but social media, too.

Here are four ways to make the most of move-ins and keep renewals top of mind for your new residents:

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Capitalize on move-in day excitement with fun renewal-focused filters for Snapchat and Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

For Snapchat, your team can develop a geofilter connected to your community, and encourage new residents to use the filter as they document their move-in experience and new apartment.

For Instagram and Facebook, your team should design a filter for your community and use an app like Over to frame each Stories post you share. This way, new residents (and interested prospects) are primed to see renewal-driving content each time they interact with your community.

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Between new resident events and maintenance concerns, your onsite team is likely tight on time — which leaves very little room for responding to messages and inquiries on social media. Although Facebook Messenger may seem like a low priority for your team, replying to inquiries in a timely manner can give your team an early advantage when it comes to driving renewals.

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A chatbot for Facebook Messenger like Social Kapture’s Prospect Chat is fully customizable and can be tailored to your community’s renewal campaign strategy. Residents (and prospects) can message your community 24/7 on Facebook, and get a response that includes current renewal incentives, and even the leasing applications — all without requiring your team members to type a single word.

Best of all, your team can pop into your community’s Facebook inbox anytime and collect leads to follow up on. Talk about maximizing your time! Learn more about Prospect Chat here.

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Feedback and reviews are a powerful currency on social media. While new residents are amped about your community’s fun events and amazing amenities, capitalize on their excitement and encourage them to leave reviews on your community’s Facebook or Google. Then, include those reviews on your renewal campaign materials, and re-share them on your community’s social pages.

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While your residents tap through Instagram Stories as a part of their daily routine, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to capture their attention and drive renewal messaging. With an Instagram Sponsored Stories campaign, you can reach your current residents and new prospects with key messaging and incentives to sign their lease for the next school year.

Your team can even take things a step further on Stories with Prospect Generator by Social Kapture. With Prospect Generator, you can reach current residents and prospects with a fully-customized call to action and form aimed at renewals. With leads funneling directly into your community’s Dashboard, following up on renewals is a breeze!

When used strategically, social media can take your team’s leasing efforts to the next level — while leaving plenty of time to support your residents on-site. Looking to get ahead of your goals for next year? Contact our team at for a custom social media and paid advertising strategy to help your team work smarter with social!
Annette Smith