12 Ways to Grow Your Community's Social Media Presence


In a perfect world, residents would follow and engage with your community’s social media pages the second their lease was signed. But with ever-changing algorithms and a growing number of businesses competing for attention on social media, keeping everyone connected to your community’s content can be a challenge.

Despite these obstacles, organic social media growth is still possible. It’s no walk in the park — but rest assured, it can be done. To help your team get started, we collected twelve of the best tips and strategies from our team of experts to help your community command more attention on social media. By the end of this blog post, your onsite team will have a solid strategy to help your pages grow while creating content that resonates with your prospects and residents!

1. Promote, Promote, Promote 


Remind your residents to stay connected to your community’s social accounts every chance you can. In your team’s newsletters or other email communications with residents, periodically include a call to action or P.S. line inviting readers to connect with your property on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, you can add a link to each social account in your email signature, and encourage your team to do the same!

2. Exclusive Resident Updates

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the ideal place to share resident events, urgent updates, and special offers — but how do you know they’re being seen? Here’s a neat little trick that will teach your residents to actively seek out your community’s content: commit to promoting fun events exclusively on social media. Hosting Free Food Fridays? Tell your residents that the details will be shared on Facebook every Thursday. They’ll start to follow along, checking for information and events they don’t want to miss! 

3. Optimize Your Online Presence

Your website is often a prospect’s first point of contact with your community, so make sure to include social buttons that feature your profiles prominently. Also, refresh your “Contact” page with links encouraging website visitors to connect with your property on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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4. Give an Incentive

When prospects come in for tours, ask them to follow your community on social media in exchange for free branded swag like hats, reusable bags, sunglasses, or water bottles.


5. Partner with Local Businesses*

Contests are a great way for your property to build relationships with local businesses! Ask for in-kind donations such as a gift card or a free service like a massage or car wash. For best results, set strategic contest entry rules designed to grow the followers and engagement for both your account and the business you’re collaborating with:

  1. Follow your community’s social page

  2. Follow the participating business’s social page

  3. Like the post

  4. Tag three friends on the post 

After your contest has ended, use the Social Kapture Client Dashboard to measure your contest results. Log in and click the Social tab to measure your community’s growth in followers, reach, and impressions. 


6. Resident Exclusive Contests*

Host your own follower campaign and encourage residents to get involved. For example, you can set up a monthly raffle for $50 off rent or free parking — and residents just need to like or follow your community Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

*Check with your corporate office for contest and giveaway rules. 


7. Go Live

The Facebook and Instagram algorithms favor videos and live broadcasts. Take advantage of increased reach by going live at property events, broadcasting Q&As with prospects, and hosting virtual tours of model or available units.

Boost your community’s engagement and reach even more by giving away raffle tickets and prizes to residents and prospects who check-in or tag their location during resident events or tours!


8. Highlight Your Property on Stories

Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to host virtual property tours. Show off different floor plans, amenities, views, and even your staff! Feel free to have fun with this feature by adding colorful frames, stickers, polls, gifs, and more!

9. Chat Back!

Respond to posts and comments on your community’s social pages in a timely manner. Residents and prospects are more likely to engage with your community on social if they’re confident that they’ll hear back from someone. Even if you can’t respond to messages around the clock, chatbots like Social Kapture’s Prospect Chat can help maintain your community’s responsiveness to important inquiries about your community. Learn more here.

10. Join Conversations

Follow relevant hashtags, such as #HoustonApartments or #ApartmentHunting. Comment on posts and engage with accounts that use these hashtags to generate more awareness for your community. 

11. Data, Data, Data

Did you know you can track attributions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Take a look at this data to learn how many residents complete guest cards after visiting your social pages. This will help your leasing team determine what strategies are the most effective for driving leads. To learn more about attributions for your community, click here.

12. Plan. Measure. Repeat.

With a content strategy aimed at boosting your engagement, reach, and following, it’s important to regularly check in on your community’s social metrics. Inside the Social Kapture Client Dashboard, you’ll find up-to-date information on your follower growth, impressions, and reach over time — as well as your top-performing posts by platform. Armed with this information, your team can accurately measure which efforts are paying off the most, and continue creating the types of content that convert.

Maintaining and increasing your social media following requires constant effort. It’s important that your team takes the time to brainstorm new ideas and check your community’s social pages daily. It won’t happen overnight, but with time, your social profiles and engagement will grow.

Looking for extra support to supplement your team’s organic growth efforts? Ask about our Social Kapture Page Likes Campaign! Contact clients@socialkapture.com to learn more about this strategic Social Enhancement designed to take your community’s online presence to the next level.

Annette Smith