Fair Housing and Facebook: New Ad Targeting Rules for Multifamily

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Facebook has made sweeping changes to ad targeting options in housing, employment, and credit. Here’s what this means for our clients in the multifamily and student housing industry:

All Facebook and Instagram ads related to housing must have the “Special Ad Category: Housing” designation selected under “Campaign”.


As a result, audience selection tools are limited by default to help protect Facebook users from potentially unlawful discrimination.

This impacts ads that promote or directly link to housing opportunities, including (but not limited to):

  • Sales and rentals of homes or apartments

  • Homeowners or mortgage insurance

  • Mortgage loans, home equity, or appraisal services

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As your trusted partner for social media and paid digital advertising, we prioritize transparency and compliance with all regulations in our campaigns. As of August 2019, Facebook has implemented the following parameters for all Special Ad Category promotions:

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Within the Special Ad Category, communities cannot limit their age-based targeting to 55+, regardless of exemption status. This may change in the future as Facebook further develops this new category — but for the foreseeable future, this is not an option.

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Within the Special Ad Category, student housing communities cannot limit their age-based targeting, or target audiences by university enrollment, affiliation, or educational status. Facebook has made these selections unavailable and this will remain that way for the foreseeable future.


In spite of new regulations, advertising on Facebook is still the most cost-effective way to promote properties and reach apartment seekers online. With Special Ad Category standards in place, Social Kapture has seen an average cost-per-click 73% below the industry average. In the past six months alone, we’ve driven over half a million pieces of traffic for clients with a click-through rate 104% above the industry average.

With Social Kapture as your partner, Facebook continues to be the premier platform for driving a higher ROI on advertising within the apartment industry. 

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As Facebook examines promotions in the Special Ad Category, our Digital Marketing team is committed to a more creative approach that drives a higher return on investment for our clients. This includes additional emphasis on interest, behavior, and tracking pixels to create relevant audiences, as well as:

  • An increase in lifestyle-driven content for student housing communities

  • Leveraging compliant options to further define audiences

  • Iterative testing with creative to ensure advertisements reach a qualified audience

  • Incorporating base rental rates into advertisements, allowing prospects to self-qualify

  • Additional emphasis on pixel installation to track key prospect actions

Social Kapture is committed to delivering digital ad campaigns for our clients that convert. Our team of experts works in concert to ensure Fair Housing compliance, and every ad campaign contains the Special Ad Category designation. For any questions or concerns regarding Facebook advertising, please contact clients@socialkapture.com.

Annette Smith