Step Up Your Insta-Game: 9 Tips to Transform Your Feed

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On the Social Kapture blog, we talk a lot about the power of social media for the multifamily industry. Not just because we really like social media, but because we truly believe in the impact it has on our clients' goals.

So far, we’ve covered: topics like why your marketing strategy should include social media, ways to maximize your community’s presence across platforms, and even tips for boosting resident experience through social media.

In this post, we’re sharing 9 strategies to refresh your property’s Instagram feed and help your posts come alive in a meaningful way that resonates with prospects and residents.

Ready to create an Instagram community that’s as vibrant as your community in real life?

Let’s get started.

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Before you take action, there are three major mindset shifts your on-site team needs to embrace. After all, Instagram is about so much more than selfies, hashtags, and likes. Bring your team together and commit to the following: 

Start with Your Purpose

What is your goal on Instagram? Aside from driving leases, what does your team want to do? Answering this question will make your strategy and approach much more clear as you gear up to create content.

Lean into Being Different

To stand out on Instagram your community has to, well, stand out. What makes your community unique? Is it the history of your building? Your highly sought-after location? The types of people your city attracts? Whatever makes your community different, embrace it and tell your neighborhood’s story.

Always Opt for Quality

The communities that thrive on Instagram are always more focused on sharing intentional, well-thought-out content over posting just to post. Encourage your team to focus more on individual connections, compelling content, and powerful imagery that resonates.

Now that we’ve set the foundation for a successful Instagram account, let’s take a deeper dive into the types of content that will help your community stand out, attract prospects, and retain residents.

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Every property has a backstory and a brand. For new constructions and lease-ups especially, it’s important to start strong and show prospects what your community is about, and what you’re bringing to the neighborhood that benefits them. If they understand these things early on, they’re more likely to cheer you on (and become residents) as you go. For stabilized communities, re-sharing your story every once in a while is a good refresher and reminder for your current residents about why they chose your community.

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Our brains are wired for storytelling, so tell a good one with each post you create. Don’t just post about how pretty and sparkly your pool is; talk about why it’s your residents’ favorite place to spend a long weekend, or how great the cool water feels on a hot summer night.

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With a carousel on Instagram, you can share up to 10 images and videos in a single post. Use this as an opportunity to showcase how your community has changed throughout the years. From old structures to construction progress, each phase of your community’s development is part of a compelling transformation that’s sure to draw followers in.

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People love free, valuable information. What areas are your team members experts in? Tap into their areas of interest and expertise, and share them on Instagram! From tips on maximizing space in studio apartments to cleaning hacks (and everything in between), your team’s insight can take your feed from just a place for nice photos to an actual resource for prospects and residents.

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Instagram isn’t just about being seen, it’s about forging new and genuine connections. Be proactive and expand your property’s online network. Follow and engage with local businesses. Explore location tags and hashtags, and leave genuine comments on posts you enjoy (without shamelessly promoting your community).

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To help your team avoid posting just to post, have them sit down and write out captions. Encourage them to think about what types of posts would be informational, inspirational, educational, or just downright fun for your property’s followers.

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There’s no harm in asking your followers to do something to support you! Ask and encourage them to double-tap, leave a comment, tag a friend, save, or even share your post in their Stories. Every action they take tips the Instagram algorithm in your favor — exposing your awesome content (and community) to even more people!

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Create and share behind-the-scenes moments that show what life is really like inside your community. For each Story, use a relevant hashtag, tag your property or neighborhood as the location, and most importantly — have fun! The more authentic content you share, the stronger the connection to your followers and residents.

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We’re humans. Your prospects and residents are also humans (except for the four-legged ones). As creatures who crave connection, we’re most attracted to content that we can see a bit of ourselves in. And with Instagram being such a visually-driven platform, posts and Stories that include people perform better. Use this to your advantage and post your team, and re-share content from residents and neighborhood locals (user-generated content).

Without a doubt, the right Instagram strategy for your community can support every one of your marketing goals — from driving leases to brand recognition. If your team needs help with building a community on Instagram that reflects the one you manage, contact us at!

Annette Smith