Introducing...Prospect Chat


It’s no secret that Facebook has become a digital powerhouse for connecting people and capturing audiences. With nearly 2 billion mobile messaging users, the platform that was originally designed to connect college students is now one of the largest social networks in the world. If you’re one of Social Kapture’s clients, then you’re already leveraging the power of Facebook to build a digital community around your property and drive leases.

Let’s take your leasing team’s effort to the next level with Social Kapture’s latest service, Prospect Chat.


What is Prospect Chat?


Prospect Chat is our 100% automated Facebook Messenger service that allows prospective residents to exchange messages with your property’s Facebook page. With a few simple keywords, prospects can get information on current specials, floor plans, amenities, move-in dates, and more. As a part of the message exchange, Prospect Chat collects their information — making it easier for teams to follow up and turn leads into leases.


How does Prospect Chat Work?

When a person who’s interested in your property sends a message, Prospect Chat triggers an automatic response to get them the information they need. Our digital advertising team will work with your property manager to determine what messaging sequence best nurtures leads for your community. At any point in the process, your team can jump into the messaging flow and directly engage with potential residents.

When your leasing agents open Facebook Messenger, they’ll find ready-qualified leads who have shared their contact information, desired floor plan, and potential move-in date. Your team can easily follow up with prospects via their preferred method of contact, and continue moving the needle on your leasing goals!


Are there other benefits of Prospect Chat?


24/7 Support

Your leasing team is busy. From walk-ins and tours to property events and serving current residents, it’s impossible for them to spend hours a day online. That’s where Prospect Chat shines — providing fully automated support for potential residents 24 hours a day. No longer will your property’s Messenger inbox fill with unread inquiries. Studies show that 80% of online consumers require assistance during their purchase process, and Prospect Chat will usher your leads through the online journey of finding their perfect apartment home.

Enhanced Reputation

Your online and real-life reputations matter — and over two-thirds of Facebook users say that being able to message a business boosts their confidence in the brand. Now that Facebook publicly shares your page’s response rate, it’s important for prospective residents to know that your team is prompt, attentive, and knowledgeable. When Prospect Chat triggers an automatic set of responses to every inquiry, it boosts your response rate to the highly coveted “Very Responsive to Messages” - a badge of honor in the digital world.


Lead Collection

The more time a prospect spends engaging with your property, the more likely they are to call your community home. With messaging options that can direct prospects to your amenities, online leasing application, floor plans, and more, your property’s website will experience a boost in traffic directly from Facebook.


Which properties could benefit from Prospect Chat?

Every property has something to gain from using Prospect Chat!

If your team is short-staffed, flooded with basic e-mail inquiries, or at capacity managing resident needs, then Prospect Chat is your new best friend. Even if your team is working like a well-oiled machine, Prospect Chat can still help your leasing agents get ahead of the competition.

Ready to “set it and forget it” while qualified leads roll in?

Annette Smith