Introducing: Prospect Generator!


Qualify your leads right where they scroll.

Thanks to exciting new business and e-commerce developments by Facebook, it’s now easier than ever to attract and qualify leads for your property. If you’re one of Social Kapture’s clients leveraging our digital advertising services, then you’ve already seen how powerful paid advertisements can be for generating traffic and supporting your on-site team.

With Social Kapture, your ads already perform at 166% above the industry average. Harness that power and take your team’s prospect funnel to the next level with our latest service, Prospect Generator.

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What is Prospect Generator?

Prospect Generator is Social Kapture’s in-app digital ads enhancement designed to instantly qualify leads on Facebook and Instagram. This native experience takes your digital ads to the next level with a customizable Instant Form to collect prospect information. With custom entry fields and calls to action, your team gains real-time access to prospect emails, phone numbers, desired move-in dates, and more.

How Does Prospect Generator Work?

Prospect Generator works as an add-on to your property’s Facebook and Instagram digital advertising package with Social Kapture. When prospects see your ad and click the call to action, they’ll be taken to your custom form pre-populated with their information — without ever leaving the app! Prospect Generator eliminates the need for multiple touchpoints, instantly qualifies your leads, and grants your team real-time access to their information.

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1 - Instant Forms are included in your ad’s call to action. When people click on your ad, they'll be prompted to complete a short form pre-populated with most of their personal information from Facebook or Instagram.

2 - Select custom questions to ask in your Instant Form. You can tailor the questions in your Instant Form to your property’s immediate needs.

3 - Easily download your leads. You can download leads directly from the Social Kapture Client Dashboard.

What are the Benefits of Prospect Generator?

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With nearly 90% of Facebook’s 1.47 billion daily users logging in via mobile, it’s more important than ever to meet your prospective residents where they are. Using Prospect Generator, you can:

Locate the right leads.

Qualify leads on the spot with an Instant Form tailored to the details your team needs to convert prospects to residents.

Boost ad conversions.

Prospect Generator does the heavy lifting for your leads by filling out forms with information they’ve already provided on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, they’re more likely to submit the form and land in your funnel.

Get leads delivered instantly.

New leads are synced directly with your property’s Dashboard and sent via email, so your leasing team can take immediate action!

Is Prospect Generator Right for My Property?

Whether your community is still under construction or settled into the neighborhood as a stabilized asset, every property can benefit from Prospect Generator! New communities and lease-ups can leverage Prospect Generator to drive highly qualified leads and convert completed forms to signed leases. For stabilized assets, Prospect Generator can be used to maintain an active pool of prospective residents to fill vacancies as they arise.

If you’re ready to maximize your ad ROI and let the most qualified leads come to you, contact our sales team to get started!

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