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Gables Grand Plaza Local Organic Social Package


Gables Grand Plaza


Coral Gables, FL


Local Package


Highmark Residential partnered with Social Kapture in Q4 of 2023 to test the effectiveness of our Social Media Management service versus managing their own social media for a stable property. They leveraged the benefits of our Local Package for Gables Grand Plaza to compare performance metrics with their existing strategy.


Key Data Points

Organic Social Overview Totals

Reporting Period: Q4 2023 (3 months)

Total Impressions: 12,658 (+174.9%)

Total Engagements: 718 (+832.5%)

Engagement Rate (per Impression): 5.7% (+239.2%)

Audience Growth: +3.6% (26 followers across FB and IG)

Video Views: +14,800% (from 0 to 149 video views across FB and IG)

Top Content:


Best-Performing Categories: Exteriors and Local Business Highlights


Best-Performing Categories: Local Business Highlights, Floorplans, UGC and Exteriors

Key Takeaways

After the first three months of their partnership with Social Kapture, Gables Grand Plaza’s organic social content generated 12,658 impressions and 718 engagements while boosting their audience growth by 3.6%, getting more eyes on their community.

By adding video content to their social strategy, they received an increase in video views by 14,800% — but more importantly, this addition equipped their pages to compete for exposure in algorithms that are increasingly designed to favor video-based content.

The benefits of Social Kapture’s Local Package proved to be effective tools to increase engagement, with Local Business Highlights being a top content category on both Instagram and Facebook over the quarter. 


Help your communities thrive on social media with the proven tools and strategies included in our Social Media Management service. To learn more about our package options and find the one that’s right for every community in your portfolio, connect with our team of digital experts today.


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