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How To Establish Your Brand In Three Words

Establishing a strong, recognizable brand is the first step in creating a strong social presence and strategy. Brands that stand the test of time are the ones that remain consistent and cohesive, no matter what location or platform you see them pop up in — but that all starts with a set of guidelines to form that framework. Defining clear characteristics for your brand personality helps set the foundation to build upon when making decisions about design, language and trends to use in your content.

One brand-building strategy that has inspired us recently is The Three Word Method. If you tuned into our most recent webinar, you’re already familiar with The Three Word Method, coined by influencer fashion stylist, Allison Bornstein. The idea behind this method is simple: choose three descriptive words to define your signature style — or in our case, your community brand.

The words you choose can be aspirational or characteristic of what your style is currently. Bornstein uses this method in fashion styling, to help herself and others build a framework to use while shopping for pieces to add to their closet. Because of its versatility and simplicity, this same method can also be used to describe your communities’ brands and direct your approach to social media content, promotional materials, community swag and resident event themes.

Here are some examples of ways it can be applied to communities we work with:

Galleria Palms

Tempe, AZ

Three Words: Charming, Homey, Comfortable

Highlighting walkable local hot spots where people gather with their friends and family like local breweries, eateries and attractions bring out the comfort that comes with living at Galleria Palms. Their branding elements include relaxing, warm and inviting tones that give their content a homey feel. The copy in their content conveys the charm of the easy-going lifestyle that Galleria Palms and its surrounding neighborhood have to offer.

West Edge

Whether your community’s three words are charming, homey and comfortable, upscale, warm and approachable, or something unique to your brand, you can apply the Three Word Method to guide your content and branding decisions.

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