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Student Housing Holiday Ads Strategy

The back to school season may have just begun, but the holiday season is around the corner! From our years of experience in the apartment industry, we’ve learned that these next few months are the best time to build out a holiday ad strategy for our clients in student housing.

Unlike multifamily communities that lease year-round in response to vacancies, student housing communities lease up and turn in alignment with the school year. This leaves a small window of opportunity for student housing communities to make the biggest impact with their marketing efforts, particularly digital ads.

Because of this schedule of lease-up and turn, the holiday season is a critical time for optimized ad performance, which requires some planning in the months leading up to winter break.

A common misconception is that student housing communities should start ramping up their ad spend during winter break. However, students typically seach for or already have an idea of where they want to live before winter break begins. From there, they usually attend a housing fair in January or February and sign their leases shortly thereafter. This makes it imperative to get your ads in front of them as they start their housing search in the coming months.

So what exactly can you do to prepare now?

SK’s Recommendations

Plan ahead to increase your ad budget prior to winter break. This will help you capture the traffic you need before it’s time to pre-lease during the break and reach students who will be looking for housing in January and February.

This strategy will also give your community an advantage online among your competitors who will also be advertising during the holiday season. Starting now gives you more opportunity to expand your reach while also optimizing ad performance.

End of Year Leasing Flow

Don’t wait to start planning your holiday ad strategy! Contact us for budget recommendations based on where you are in your leasing efforts for the holiday season by emailing us at


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