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The Staying Power of Instagram Stories

When Instagram debuted their Story feature in the summer of 2016, the reception was mixed. Would this new type of posting stick around? Was it just a Snapchat repackage? Can we get the chronological timeline back instead of new features?

Now, Instagram Stories are widely accepted and integrated into everyday life for most social media users and have become an essential tool for marketers across industries. Stories provide a quick touchpoint to share moments that are authentic and ephemeral. This algorithm-friendly feature also allows businesses to increase their visibility and client engagement.

Knowing the staying power and efficacy of this feature, we’re excited to offer our Instagram Stories enhancement which can be added to any of Social Kapture’s Social Media Management packages! With this enhancement, the SK team can further support property onsite teams and maintain consistency in Story posting.

Not sure if Instagram Stories is the right enhancement for your property? Let’s dive into some of the benefits of active use of this key feature:

1. Increased Visibility

One of the main benefits of posting on Instagram Stories is that it can increase your visibility on the platform. Instagram Stories appear at the top of the app so users are more likely to see them than regular posts in their feed. During our first 3 months of posting for a portfolio of Madera Residential properties, Instagram Story posts had a 43% higher number of average impressions versus standard in-feed posts. Additionally, the average reach of Stories was more than double that of in-feed posts.

2. Interactive Features

Instagram Stories offers a variety of interactive features that can increase audience engagement. With polls, quizzes and question stickers, your community can encourage followers to interact on a regular basis. In Social Kapture’s Stories enhancement, we often utilize the link button to drive further traffic to your property’s website or to a specific landing page related to the Story’s content. As seen below, these interactive features can deliver countless messages to prospects — from touring information on your community’s website to brand visibility for new sites.

interactive feature1

3. Authenticity

Instagram Stories show your audience the more authentic side of your business. The onsite team can share photos and videos of them at work, show off stunning views or share memories from recent resident events. This type of content can build trust with your audience of residents and prospects and make them feel more connected to your brand. Because Instagram Stories will disappear in 24 hours unless they are saved in a Highlight, onsite property teams can post more freely without affecting the overall page aesthetic and brand messaging.

4. Positive Social Interactions

While multifamily marketing can be extremely effective on Instagram, it’s also important to remember that, at its core, Instagram is a platform for social interactions in the digital space (they call it “social” media for a reason!). Stories provide an ideal setting for those positive social interactions that increase brand trust and can assist in organic growth.

Through our Stories enhancement, we regularly engage with local businesses near your property to encourage these positive touchpoints. Not only will your prospects be able to see what’s happening in your area with these Story reposts, but your community can be viewed as an active and engaged member of the neighborhood, garnering further trust and building more organic relationships.

Since the launch of our Instagram Stories service in May of this year, we have seen these benefits at work and have already achieved noteworthy results for our clients to help them expand their social media presence and reach.

“These are fantastic results! I definitely think it was an amazing service and one that's worth anyone considering! Madera is always looking to increase our social media exposure, and clearly this was a great way to do so! We haven't seen results like these from any other efforts.” Alee McNeese Portfolio Marketing Director, Madera Residential

If you’re interested in adding Instagram Stories to your Social Media Management package, you can order this enhancement any time in the SK Dashboard. Ready to learn about our other available services? Connect with us today for a walkthrough of all that Social Kapture can bring to your multifamily marketing strategy.


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