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Wheatfield Village Google Ads


Wheatfield Village


Topeka, KS


Google Ads






Wheatfield Village signed up for our Google Ads service along with other Social Kapture paid advertising solutions with the goal of increasing their community’s online presence and driving qualified traffic to their website to acquire leases during their early lease-up phases.


Key Data Points

Reporting period:

Q4 2022

Traffic Driven: 8,597 Impressions: 348,539

SK for Wheatfield Village

Google Industry Averages

Click-through Rate






Key Takeaways

After partnering with Social Kapture (compared to the data prior to onboarding with our services), Wheatfield Village’s click-through rate more than doubled industry averages. Additionally, during this review period, page views increased by 23%, website visitors increased by 16% and leads increased by 46%.

“SK’s reliable and experienced team have been a key resource to the success of our online presence and lead generation. I love being able to track ad performance and update content forms through one dashboard – Social Kapture is a perfect resource for any community looking to increase their online presence and help drive qualified traffic.” - Bri Swanson, EPC Real Estate

Looking to drive these kinds of results for your communities? Connect with our team to learn more about Social Kapture’s Digital Ads services here.

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