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Come Meet Us At AIM 2023!

In just a few short weeks, Social Kapture is headed back to one of our favorite conferences: AIM! We can’t wait to catch up with old friends and meet new ones at this fan-favorite event. Before we drive down the coast to Huntington Beach, we wanted to introduce the SK team members you’ll have a chance to connect with at AIM. Don’t forget to book a meeting with our team to enter our exciting giveaway!

Erin Johnson Business Development Manager

What do you do at Social Kapture?

As Business Development Manager, I strategize with our partners on their portfolios to identify where there is an opportunity for SK’s creative solutions to make a digital splash. Ultimately, I am here to help make our partners’ lives easier by creating custom budgets and proposing services we know will be a value add to their overall marketing strategy.

What did you do before joining the SK team?

I was actually a client of Social Kapture and have 11 years of experience in student and multifamily housing. I began my career, like many others in the industry, as a part-time leasing agent and have worked in a variety of roles throughout my career that give me a unique perspective in my current role. I know firsthand how a strong social strategy can really move the needle and give clients a competitive edge.

What tip do you have for a first-timer at AIM?

The very best place to network any time after 9 pm is at the Watertable! The best part of AIM, with it being so specific to marketing is that it’s naturally more intimate, so everyone tends to convene there for the night. It makes for a great time to gather with industry colleagues. Hope to see you there!

Kelly Stack Director of Social Media  & Innovation Manager

What do you do at Social Kapture?

While I wear many hats at SK, my main role is the director of our organic content department. My teams consist of the social media coordinators, graphic designers and copywriters that make our clients’ social pages shine. I also work closely with our other company leaders to develop new services that provide value to our clients in the ever-changing social media industry.

How long have you been on the SK team?

This July, I will celebrate my six-year anniversary with Social Kapture! Fun fact: I was the sixth person to join the team and started only one week after our Vice President of Client Services, Lisa Tomsick.

What news from SK do you want to share with AIM attendees?

Since the last time we were at AIM, Social Kapture has a whole new look — you can read about it here if you haven’t already! I’m excited to meet up with old and new friends to be able to share the vision behind our rebrand. Plus, we always have innovative and on-trend new services to share with the industry, so stay tuned!

Alicia Peters Account Manager

What do you do at Social Kapture?

Between hosting training calls, answering questions, conducting portfolio reviews and facilitating new client onboarding, my role at SK comes down to being the go-to person for my clients. I connect with clients on a 1:1 basis to make sure they get the most out of their partnership with SK.

What is your favorite part about working with clients?

Whether it is a new onsite team or a longtime client, I love working closely with the teams and assisting properties to build out their social media and digital ads strategies to fit their individual needs. Every property has its own brand and I love playing a role in bringing their authentic social media presence to life!

What are you looking forward to for AIM 2023?

AIM is one of my favorite conferences to attend because it is so industry-specific and dialed into the latest marketing trends. I can't wait to connect with clients and other industry leaders in person!

Learn even more about Erin, Kelly and Alicia and all that SK can do to enhance your marketing efforts by scheduling a meeting with us at AIM here.


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