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Updated: Nov 22, 2022


Boise, ID


Local Package


In a strategic effort to stay ahead of emerging social media trends and meet the growing demand for more authentic content, we created the Local Package to help our clients activate their communities through hyperlocal content. When JULES ON 3RD upgraded to this package, they received local photography of the Downtown Boise area, boosted posts, user generated content through static posts and Reels and high quality branded content, all part of the Local Package suite of services.

“Thanks to Social Kapture, our communities have seen increases in reputation scores due to posting consistency and audience engagement.”

Key Data Points

JULES ON 3RD Local Photography

After two months of testing the Local Package, we compared results against key data points from the same length of time* using our Pro Package.

By comparison, we delivered:

  • 43K+ impressions

  • 38% increased engagement

  • 180% audience growth

When analyzing the new services available with the Local Package, we also saw positive engagement from the JULES ON 3RD audience.

UGC Reel:



  • 37 saves

  • 10K+ impressions all in one month

*Comparison period: 7/1/22 - 8/31/22 on Local Package vs. 4/30/22 - 6/30/22 on Pro Package

What The JULES ON 3RD Team Had To Say

About The Local Package

“Social Kapture has elevated our community pages’ social channels by dialing in local businesses, engaging with residents and attracting prospects. It’s a delicate balance to create social media pages that contain engaging content that also converts lead to lease. Social Kapture has done that.”

Charlotte Salviejo, Associate, Property Marketing

Greystar PNW Region

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