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CERU Custom Influencer Marketing Campaign




Boca Raton, FL


Custom Influencer Marketing Campaign


To elevate their social presence and give prospects a sneak peek into life at their community, CERU partnered with Social Kapture to create a Custom Influencer Marketing Campaign. For this custom campaign, the client collaborated with an influencer with a wide local following to showcase a day-in-the-life of a CERU resident to new audiences.


Key Data Points

Top Performing Social Ad June 2023

Campaign Performance

Review period:

Post Date: June 20, 2023

Report Date: July 3, 2023


Reach: 15,148

Likes: 1,193

Comments: 38

Saves: 31

Check out their Reel here.

Comment Highlights:

“So cute I wanna move in”
“Omg!! I need to go and check them out”
“The gym is so well equipped”
“looks like a permanent vacation to me”


  • Average Views: 5,171 per story

  • Link Clicks: 163

Key Takeaway

“Through our experience with influencer campaigns over the past few years, we have curated two packages (Reach and Impact) that generally fit well for our client’s goals. However, sometimes we encounter influencers that are a perfect match for a community but don’t quite fit within either of our packages. As such, we created a Custom campaign option adaptable to our client’s campaign goals. CERU is a perfect example, allowing us to partner with an amazing influencer, Claudia, who has a large local following. This campaign reached over 15,000 users on Instagram and generated a lot of traffic to CERU’s Instagram and website.” Zain Delawalla, SK Social Media Specialist

You can see even more of our work for CERU on Instagram.

Interested in creating an Influencer Marketing campaign that caters to your community’s unique needs? Connect with our team to learn more about our Custom Influencer Marketing service today.


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