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Our New & Improved Premium Package

As platforms have retooled their algorithms and demand for video content has continued to grow as a result, we’ve found opportunities to improve the services we offer to meet those demands. At the end of last year, we updated our Premium package to include Reels while also scaling static posts with a more intentional strategy. While this strategy included decreasing the number of total posts received per month, in the short time since implementing these changes, we’ve seen substantiating results for our clients.

See how the results compare between our classic Premium package and the new and improved version with a closer look at the data for some of our highest-performing accounts.

Case A


The Residences at Rainier Square


Seattle, WA


New Premium Package


As an existing client who had initially onboarded with our classic Premium package in 2021, The Residences at Rainier Square switched to our new Premium package when it launched in late 2022. While the client’s goal was to refresh the content for their community’s pages, it provided an opportunity to measure the efficacy of less and more intentional posting combined with the addition of video content to produce higher-quality engagement and audience growth.


Key Data Points

Reporting period:

11/15/22 – 2/15/23 (new Premium package)

Compared to:

8/14/22 – 11/14/22 (classic Premium package)

The data over three months

Totals (FB & IG):

Engagements: +35.7%

Engagement rate: +112.1%

On Instagram alone:

Total audience: +8.6%

Engagements: +19.5%

Engagement rate: +42.8%

Video Views: +132.3%

Key Takeaways

With massive increases across every metric, the data points that provide the most impactful insights for client success are the increase in total audience by 8.6% and a 42.8% increase in engagement rate.

This data tells us that even with a growing audience, the rate in which users engaged with The Residences at Rainier Square’s content increased instead of decreased as it should in most cases, considering the decrease in post count.

It is important to note that this client also posted their own video content in addition to the content created by SK, which could be a contributing factor in these numbers.

Case B


Verde Esterra Park


Redmond, WA


New Premium Package


Another client who had previously onboarded with our classic Premium package, Verde Esterra Park made the switch to our new Premium package to take advantage of the addition of Reels and the increased performance metrics we had achieved previously for clients on this package.


Key Data Points

Reporting period:

Feb. 2023 – Mar. 2023 (upon moving from classic to new Premium package)

The data in one month

Instagram Impressions: +36.5%

Total Audience Growth: +4.2%

Engagement Rate: +1% (to 3.3% even with a growing audience)

Engagements: +1.1%*

Post link clicks: +0.6%*

*These metrics saw an increase even with a decrease in post count


The decrease in number of Facebook posts from the classic Premium package (20 FB x 12 IG) to the new Premium package (12 FB x 12 IG, including one Reel) does not correlate to a decrease in performance.

The most important metrics on social of raw engagement, engagement rate and audience growth all showed positive results for our clients once video content was introduced to this package, proving the efficacy of the redesign of our Premium package.

Want to get more out of your marketing efforts with thoughtful, effective strategies and top-quality content from Social Kapture? Connect with our team to learn more about our 2023 Premium Package HERE.


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