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The Complete SK Partnership: The Residences at LSU Health


New Orleans, LA


Local Social Media Management Package, Influencer Marketing Reach Campaign,

Social Ads & Google Ads


The Residences at LSU Health partnered with Social Kapture in July 2022, initially onboarding with our Pro Social Media Management package with a Silver Page Likes Campaign enhancement and a Gold Google Ads service. Over time, the client adjusted their SK services to fit their specific needs around the student housing leasing calendar.

This year, they upgraded their Social Media Management package to our Local option in February, launched an Influencer Marketing campaign in March and added a Gold Social Ads package in April to meet accelerated leasing goals for the 2023-2024 school year.


The Results

When we analyze the year-to-date data, we can see how these adjustments to their services impacted results in key metrics month over month. Let’s take a closer look at each month’s data and how they aligned with changes in services.


Reporting period: 2/1/2023 – 2/28/2023 (compared to previous month)

The Residences at LSU Health upgraded from our Pro to Local package as of February 1st. When we compare the data from their last month on the Pro package to their first month on the Local package, we see a significant increase in both impressions and engagements, with the largest spikes in both metrics occurring on February 4th for both Facebook and Instagram. Post boosting is included in the Local package, which likely contributed to the increased rates.


Reporting period: 3/1/2023 – 3/31/2023 (compared to previous month)

March was the highest-performing month YTD with the largest increase in audience growth, impressions, engagements and video views. This performance aligns with the launch of a Reach Influencer Marketing Campaign, which includes an Instagram Reel and multiple Stories posts. In fact, the day the collaboration post went live and the following day (March 24th & 25th, respectively) saw the highest increases in impressions during the month.


As we moved into a new quarter, similar performance was maintained in April with clear increases in impressions (560.7%), engagements (65.4%), post link clicks (1,504 clicks) and audience growth (40 more Instagram followers). When we compare to previous reporting periods, we can see a direct correlation between these performance increases and the addition of the post boosting feature of our Local package.

Ads Analysis

The Residences at LSU Health also expanded their strategy to include our Social Ads service in the month of April, selecting our Gold package. This additional service rounded out their strategy to reach wider audiences and ushered in impressive results for both Instagram and Facebook ads

Reporting period: 4/1/2023 – 4/30/2023



​Average CTR



Average CPC



Total impressions



*Industry average CTR: 0.99%

**Industry average CPC: $1.81

Q1 Google Ads Results

The Residences at LSU Health maintained Google Ads service throughout the entire first quarter of 2023, so we’re able to get a fuller picture of impact in their strategy here. Over the course of Q1, we saw month-over-month increases in impressions with 349,342 total impressions over the entire quarter, as well as excellent performance in CTR and CPC that significantly surpassed industry averages.

Reporting period: 1/01/2023 – 3/31/2023

*Industry average CTR: 8.85%

**Industry average CPC: $1.51

Key Takeaways

Looking at this timeline of data for The Residences at LSU Health as a whole, it provides a prime example of how a strong, comprehensive social and digital marketing strategy can support the unique goals of our clients. With this specific client, Social Kapture was able to provide customized services for a community navigating the ever-shifting student housing leasing calendar. The adjustments made in critical periods yielded exceptional results in key metrics and their leasing goals, most importantly helping our client stabilize their community for the upcoming school year.

To learn more about what a complete partnership with Social Kapture can look like for your communities, contact our team today!


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