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2010 West End


Nashville, TN


Influencer Marketing Campaign

The Client

2010 West End‘s premium Midtown apartments provide access to everything you would expect from a big city, coupled with the small-town feel that makes Nashville famous.

Explore Nashville’s culturally rich enclaves, fueled by cross-industry collaboration, self-expression and innovation. Just a stone’s throw from downtown Nashville and walking distance to the Gulch, Music Row, Vanderbilt University and Centennial Park, 2010 West End Apartments is Nashville residents’ gateway to adventure.


Build brand awareness on social media for a new lease-up property by highlighting the authentic Nashville lifestyle of the community and unparalleled amenities residents can enjoy daily. The property selected our REACH Package. Our team then sourced an influencer whose aesthetic matched 2010 West End’s branding and preferences to create a campaign including an in-feed post and five Instagram Stories.


Key Data Points

Content Stats (In-feed post)

Impressions: 5,049

Likes: 593

Comments: 165

Shares: 1

Saves: 90

Accounts engaged: 546

Accounts reached: 4,219

Story Stats

Views/accounts reached: 409 per story

Google tracked link clicks:

Users: 8

Average Session Duration: 1:16

Profile-directed button taps: 42

Comment Highlights

“Sounds like a great place to live”

“What a beautiful place to be 😍”

“Great tips for people making the move to Nash!”

“Your apartment location looks amazing!!! Love this!”

“I live there!!! It’s beautiful 🤩”

“Ooh, I love that it's like luxury + vacay + city!”

“These apartments sound amazing! Love the modern vibe”

“I’m all about the amenities”

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